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Bite Size #3

A wise man once said "So many breakfasts, so little time. So keep them bite sized". At least that's what I think he said, he may have just said I was looking fat.

This week we have a right ol' mix of bite sized reviews for you; starting with the cheap and cheerful JJ's Cafe on Dyke Road in Brighton, the American Diner themed City Cafe in Edinburgh and the certain "Gypsy" flavour of Olive in Walton on Thames. Enjoy!

JJ's Cafe [map]
84A Dyke Road, (On Bath Street)
Seven Dials, Brighton
Tel: 01273 738632

Last Visited: January 2011

JJ's cafe is a very small traditional greasy spoon which has table room for just 8 customers. Prices range from £1.80 for a bacon sandwich to £4.80 for their 'Special' fryup.

If you're at Seven Dials and want a nice breakfast, made with decent ingredients, then go somewhere else. If you just want a (very) cheap fry up, and size is more important than quality, then this is your place

Mr No Eggs:
Cheap, cheerful with all food cooked to order.  The staff are friendly, the tea was superb and the portions large, but as TeaMilkOneSugar has said don't expect the greatest quality.  As a warning the smell of grease after our visit lingered so much that I had to wash my coat, scarf and jeans.

The City Cafe [map]
19 Blair St
Edinburgh EH1 1QR
Tel: 0131 220 0125

Last Visited: January 2011

Just a stones throw from the Royal Mile, the City Cafe is popular with locals as well as many residents of the neighbouring hotels.  An American themed diner, their all-day breakfast menu is filled with US treats such as pancakes and also offers the biggest fry-up that you will find in the heart of the city.  Contemporary breakfast options such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and French toast are there to meet nearly every breakfast wish.

Prices range from £3.50,  for a short stack of pancakes with syrup, to £6.50 for the Full Cooked City Cafe fry-up, and all breakfasts are served with tea and coffee.  Though the quality of the ingredients was not the best, the food was warm, the service welcoming and our large group had it's order arrive quickly and all together.  If you are not too keen on a complicated breakfast and would like something simple and US themed, then this is your place.  There is plenty of booth seating for large groups and the jukebox is always ready for your next selection.

Mr NoEggs

Olive [map]
71 High Street
Walton on Thames
Surrey KT12 1DN

Last Visited: January 2011

You are probably thinking “Hang on, I recognise that place?” and you’d be right, this shop was featured in Channel 4's popular programme 'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' [ed - We assume our high class of clientèle as always].

Olives is situated in the heart of Walton's village centre and not only functions as a cafe but also a corner shop selling newspapers, groceries and huge breakfasts.

I purchased a full English breakfast priced at £6.99 and for this you get two Hash browns, two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two fried tomatoes, baked beans, two slices of toast, fried mushrooms, fried onions and a mug of tea or coffee.

The bacon cuts where large and thick with minimal rind, the sausages were also large but rather on the fatty side and the toast very well cooked and pre buttered. The fried mushrooms were nice and having fried onion in with them was unusual, but showed good individual flair. The highlights for me were the hash browns, which were cooked to perfection and the two eggs which were fried but with a solid yolk.

Highly enjoyable breakfast, food was of a good quality and was delivered hot within twenty minutes of ordering. Out of a possible 5 sausages, I give Olives 3.5.  Not bad at all.

The Bacon Butty