The Breakfast Menu Breakfast reviews from the South Coast and beyond


Bite Size #2

Here are some more Bite Sized reviews for the breakfasts that we have ended up sampling during our extra curricular endeavors.... enjoy!

Robbo's Cafe and Diner

Southbound A23, London Rd,
Pyecombe, Brighton,
East Sussex BN45 7FJ
01273 844055

Last Visited: October 2010

Found on the southbound side of the southbound A23, Robbo's cafe due to its isolated location is a popular with motorists travelling down to the coast, as walking there is not an option.  At one time in its history the cafe was home to Little Chef and the menu still serves up the same breakfast fare as this franchise once offered.  Set breakfasts are available and come with bread and butter and either tea or coffee as standard, with the most expensive breakfast coming in at £6.50.

The breakfasts however were not made up of the highest quality ingredients and everything is sure to ramp up your cholesterol if eaten regularly.  On the plus side, the staff there were very friendly and our breakfasts were delivered quickly and with a smile.  As the cafe is found a mile outside Brighton's city limits, unless having a traditional trucker fryup is your idea of breakfast perfection I would instead suggest driving past and visiting one of the many cafes the city has to offer.

Mr No Eggs

The Bridge Cafe

9 Stilehall Parade,
Brentford, London
W4 3AG

Last Visited: May 2010

On the outskirts of affluent Chiswick a small cafe not far from Kew Bridge offers a real taste of London's traditional cafe culture, in contrast to the contemporary eateries found in classy west London.  Our visit to the cafe co-incided with what seemed to the Metropolitan Police Force's Sunday breakfast gathering with 6 officers sitting in a booth dicrectly behind us. So I took it that if it was good enough for the boys (and girls) in blue, it was going to be good enough for us and after tackling the cafe's signature breakfast ('The Full Monty'), we were not to be disappointed!

Tasty fresh ingredients, including perfectly cooked bacon and a cracking cup of tea were presented to us before we were halfway through the sports section of the paper.  The cafe not only served up a large tasty breakfast at a very low price (£4.95), but delivered a fryup of quality that I would of expected to find from the more expensive restaurants on Chiswick high street.  I would highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area, just don't go there to plan a bank job!

Mr No Eggs