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Billies, Brighton

Billies [map]
34 Hampton Place
Brighton, BN1 3DD
01273 774 386

Last Visited: August 2010

One of Brighton’s best known secrets, so why should we tell you anything at all about this indie breakfast cafe? .... Ok then, as you asked... and who can say no to that smile!

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-16:00 Sat-Sun 09:00-16:00

Breakfast Price: £4-7, the portion sizes justify these prices, they are so big you would think you were in the US of A.  Lunch and dinner will not be required


Mr No Eggs’ View:

Breakfast: Beano hash with extra black pudding

A trip here isn’t your usual greasy spoon trip; there is no questionable hygiene, you order will be served quickly and the food will be seasoned by something other than the cooks sweat! The atmosphere is relaxed and the cliental will be seen with the Guardian rather than the Sun.  You don’t get the same feeling that you should book into a Cardiologist when you order that you do in a normal greasy spoon.

I do like it though... a lot!  There is almost no point carrying on, the fact that you can order fancy teas, latte’s and Eggs Benedict and not be scoffed at appeals to me.  It’s still greasy, but you feel full after in a good way.  The cheese dome which houses the Beano Hash is worth the trip alone!

Mr Chipolata's musings:

Breakfast: Farmhouse hash

As an avid fan of a great big greasy fry up I was looking forward to a plate of all manner of fried goods and baked beany loveliness. However, on inspection of the menu I was much surprised to be greeted with choices such as eggs Florentine, Benedict and other fancy breakfast stuffs. However, I pushed the poncey breakfast snob aside, flipped the menu over and went for one of the temptingly large Billies Hashes, the Farmhouse took my fancy with its concoction of sausage, bacon, potato, mushrooms and onions, all mixed and fried to perfection in a large heap. This is then topped by a happy looking egg who is then smothered in cheese and melted until its hot enough to sear your mouth shut with one all too eager early mouthful.

Brought to the table it certainly looked menacing but short work was made of it and close to the finishing line I had to admit defeat a mere 3 mouthfuls from the end.

In the end maybe too much potato and not enough moist goodness throughout once the cheese had been dealt with. However, a nice change to the usual arrangement of meat surrounded by other meat. I will surely be visiting again, if only to try the eggs Florentine.

Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Portion Size: ★★★★★
Value For Money: ★★★★½
Service: ★★★★½
Overall: ★★★★½