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Cafe Coho, Brighton

Cafe Coho [map]
53 Ship Street
Brighton, East Sussex
Tel:  01273 747777

Opening Times:  They are open for breakfast from 8am on weekdays and from 9am at the weekend (and Bank Holidays)

Last Visited:  April 2012

In a touristy area of the city sits something of an anomaly.  Two independent cafes found side by side - Marwood’s and Cafe Coho. What we found when we ventured through the door of Cafe Coho, was that there was life amongst the fodder.

It was a wet and windy Saturday morning the first time I arrived at Cafe Coho.  I was due to meet Count Cumberland later that morning for breakfast and was looking for a place to shelter from the rain. Cafe Coho looked like a good port in the storm.

The counter display was filled with mouth watering morsels which tempted me to add a fruit pastry to my double shot Latte order.  Along with walking through the door, this was easily one of the best decisions I have made during my time reviewing.  The fresh fruit in the pastry was heavenly, it took all the patience to not take a bite before I took my photos.  Along with a perfectly rich, flavoursome coffee this was a great start to the day.

The staff there also made the visit a great experience, both were very knowledgeable about their coffee. After mentioning my love for breakfasts they pointed me to their breakfast menu on my table and on a scroll on the wall behind the counter, a great idea and visual decoration.  This meant that I would be forced to head back to try their breakfast menu. Life is tough.

It took me a month to find time to head back but it was worth the wait!  The menu is simple but matches the quality and individuality of the cafe.  Where other cafes offer a full English option, Cafe Coho concentrates on a more contemporary menu. Pancakes, egg dishes, or a classic triple decked bacon sandwich are all mouth-wateringly inviting.

My choice of a pancake stack with maple syrup and bacon tasted as good as it looked. The quality of the ingredients and cooking was very high, the light fluffy pancakes were drizzled in warm maple syrup and combined with the thick-cut bacon make this a hearty and enjoyable breakfast.  The presentation was also very good and was a match for what Mange Tout create.  Very good value at £5.75 as it was hearty enough to get me through into the early evening before enjoying my next bite to eat.

An mention must also be given to TeaMilkOneSugar's gigantic breakfast of scrambled eggs and Smoked Salmon. At under £8 it was a really well cooked and presented dish that would have been plenty at half the size.

First class coffee, pastries, breakfasts and service made for a fantastic experience overall.  A definite recommendation if you are ever in the area.

Mr NoEggs