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Cafe Motu, Brighton

Cafe Motu [map]
6 Trafalgar Street,
Tel:  01273 709655

Opening Hours: Open Weekdays 9am-3:30pm, Saturday from 9am-4:30pm and Sunday 9:30am-3pm

Last Visited:  July 2011

Just when we thought that we had visited all the cafes on Trafalgar Street, we found yet another!  Lets see how it compares to it's neighbours.

We were surprised to see that every seat was taken at 10am and that we had to wait for one to open up; a good indication that this should be good as the people of Brighton talk with their feet.  Not the biggest of cafe's but there are plenty of 2-4 sized tables and all surrounded by French cafe signs and photos of 60's British rock stars which lends a very laid back feeling to the place.  Luckily it was a sunny day in Brighton and we ended up waiting just a couple of minutes at the door before a gentleman left and offered us his seats at the counter in the window.

There's a few twists that take you away from its seemingly traditional appearance, offerings of Scrambled Eggs with Salmon at £6.00, a cheese and herb or mushroom omelette for £4.60 and for the first time on our travels Croque Monsieur (a hot ham and cheese grilled sandwich originating from France). Ordering at the counter I settled on the American pancakes with bacon and egg alongside a latte.  My coffee arrived just a few moments later and was served in a very 70s style cup.  We took the 5 minutes from ordering to our breakfast arriving to relax and chat while listening to The Beatles singing on the cafes stereo.

When my breakfast arrived I was surprised that for £5 I was going to get to eat three island sized pancakes and two huge rashers of bacon (I opted out of the egg).  This is easily one of the bigger breakfasts we've seen for the price. The pancakes were light and fluffy and the bacon rashers, thick and juicy.  A perfect combination and as good as my experience last year at Hove's Real Eating Company. An ample supply of maple syrup helped to lubricate things towards the finish line and a very full belly.

I can now see why so many people come here.  Affordable prices, friendly and prompt service and simple breakfasts.  The traditional breakfast enjoyed by my guest for the day, Mr ILovePork, looked to be a great example of this.  All items were what you would expect from a good traditional cafe, with no fussy artistic flourishes. Also in an area jam-packed with more upmarket cafes, it won't break the bank.  Another to add to our "if we are passing" list if only to try out the Croque Monsieur.

-Mr NoEggs