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Farm, Brighton

Farm Cafe/Shop, Brighton - ExteriorFarm [map]
99 North Road
01273 623143

Opening Times: Mon-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm

Breakfast Prices: From £6 (Free Range Omelette) to £7.50 (Sussex Farm Breakfast). Smaller breakfast items such as Bacon and egg sandwiches, croissants and fruit smoothies are also available.

Last Visited: September 2010

Located next door to Brighton's most decorated cafe, 'Bills', Farm offers an Independant experience with all food sourced from their own local farms or from sister farms within the county.  The main selling point of the cafe is that all products used have been reared without the use of artificial chemicals of fertitlers with "Locality, husbandry, sustainability, freshness and taste" their key priciples in providing a breakfast which reflects just what the local area can provide.

Mr No Eggs:

I have always found cafes which offer "locally sourced produce" or breakfasts with an environmental theme as an excuse to set an exorbitant price as they know that people would agree to pay more to appease their morals, despite the quality of the breakfast being no better than where standard ingredients are offered.  However, as soon as we stepped into Farm on a surprisingly quiet sunny Sunday morning I would have to re-evaluate my feelings towards cafes like this.

Presented with a menu that not only gave a variety of mouth watering options, the breakfast itself was of a very high quality and a great reflection of what great produce the county can offer.  The bacon and black pudding were the standout items and were bursting with flavour.  The wholegrain toast made by The Lighthouse Bakery in East Sussex was also a welcome change from the usual supermarket fare, as the bread was lighter than usual and the flavour of the grain really came through.

The breakfast was not however without some draw backs.  The sausages, though high in quality were too dry to eat, perhaps due to being kept heated for too long.  The fat had been cooked out of them and every mouthful was a dry and arid affair with the taste buds and a meat product of such quality deserves much more.  Another blemish on the breakfast was that the orange juice served came from a small bottle of Tropicana, just as you would get in McDonald's and not freshly squeezed as Bills provides.  In my opinion if both these issues are resolved Farm can expect to move up into the same level that Bills is held in and also start to receive recognition for sticking to their intentions of how to run the business. Freshly squeezed orange juice would be seen as another unique selling point for the cafe and may tip the balance to entice undecided customers in.

These small flaws must not detract from what a fine breakfast this small cafe provided in Brighton's most competitive cafe area.  The prices charged for all breakfasts were comparable with the majority of cafes in the area and in contrast to what was seen at the Real Eating Company, another cafe which prides itself on providing locally sourced ingredients, we were not presented with the extortionate option of purchasing a single sausage for a whopping £2.50.  Farm has achieved its goal to provide locally sourced ingredients of a high quality, freshness and taste to the community they were made for and has even tempted me to go back to try another portion of what Sussex has to offer.

Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Portion Size: ★★★★½
Value For Money: ★★★½☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Overall: ★★★★☆