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LoveFit Cafe, Brighton

LoveFit Cafe [map]
14 Brighton Square,
Brighton, East Sussex
Tel: 01273 777941

Opening Times:  Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 18:00, Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00, Sun: 10:00 - 18:00

Last Visited:  September 2011

Brighton could well have one of the first locations that try, outside of the gym, to blend fitness and breakfast successfully.  So with the promise of a healthy breakfast and possible lifestyle change in store we paid them a visit.


Apart from the missing exercise machine and weight equipment, the LoveFit Cafe could well be a gym.  Plasma screens mounted on the walls advertise offers available in and out of the cafe, promotional material is available on every surface and fun run and fitness class information adorn the notice board.  The plastic chairs, similar to what is found in many actual gym cafes, seat around 12, but for those willing to brave the elements there is al-fresco seating available in the square.

Their breakfast menu caters to this particular clientele with options such as ‘Immune Boost Porridge’ (porridge with raspberries, honey and Greek yogurt- £3.15(T/A) £3.47(eat-in)) and ‘Power Porridge with a 20g Protein Shot (£2.70(TA)- £2.97(eat-in)) available to eat in or take away.  To make sure that you are in control of what you are eating the menu also has the calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat break down of each meal.  This would have been very scary information in some of the other cafes we've visited!  Aside from breakfasts they also offer two whole pages of juices and smoothies freshly made in front of you.  There are so many combinations on offer, all targeting a different health benefit. Despite all these healthy offerings there was still a place for a couple of friends who wouldn't normally be found together at the gym.

My choice of the Lovefit Breakfast Club reminded me of how I used to make fried sandwiches as a teenager, when calories meant nothing to me.  This triple Decker sandwich was filled with low fat sausage, rindless smoked bacon, sliced tomato, low fat mayo, low salt HP sauce and normally a fried egg, but I declined that.  This was as filling as any greasy fry-up I've had over the years and at £4.95 you do get a lot of food for your money.  The accompanying ‘Detox’ juice (celery, lime and apple) was out of this world.  I would have never expected celery to work in a drink, but against the apple it really brings out its flavour and the lime gives it a zingy edge.  Add some white rum and we could have well stumbled onto a summer thirst quencher!

Count Cumberland’s choice, ‘The BIG Breakfast’ (Rind less smoky bacon, lightly spiced reduced fat Cumberland sausages, baked beans, a large flat mushroom, grilled tomato, hash brown & scrambled egg served with wholemeal toast, also looked as appealing as mine. The hearty plate that came out though gave me me second thoughts of how healthy this really was in comparison to the other options on the menu.  But at just £6.95, including tea and toast, was exceptionally good value, especially for a City centre location.

Even though I am usually health conscious (outside of breakfasts!) and a regular runner (15 miles a week average) I must admit I was sceptical as to whether a fitness café would be the very definition of an oxymoron.  But what I found was something very encouraging. Though a particularly high standard this was still a very pleasant good value breakfast and a motivating atmosphere to eat in.  A revisit will also be worth it to try out another of their excellent juices.  If you would like to dial down the breakfast guilt and start on the path to a healthy body and mind, this could well be of interest to you.

Mr NoEggs