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Mange Tout, Brighton

Mange Tout [map]
81 Trafalgar Street
East Sussex BN1 4EB
Tel:  01273 607270

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday they are open from 10:00am to 18:00pm; Friday & Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday 10:00am-17:00pm (though the doors were open before 10am when we went)

Last Visited: May 2011

"Mange Tout Rodney, Mange Tout".  After visiting most of the restaurants in the area it was now time for us to visit a petit filous of a cafe.  If it's good enough for Del Boy, its good enough for us!


Ah, another favourite, but this was the first time I've been for breakfast. Mange Tout is a French run cafe in North Laine toward the bottom of Trafalgar Street. It isn't going to be the cheapest breakfast you’re going to find in town, but the quality shines through. They source all of their ingredients locally and the standard’s high, and everything I’ve ever eaten here is cooked incredibly well. So here comes another decent review*.

This morning I opted for the Mediterranean which consists of 2 poached eggs on sour dough toast with truffle oil, with wilted spinach, grilled haloumi, sliced tomato with fresh herbs and chorizo sausage. The sourdough toast was lightly toasted with a nice crisp crust, and went well with the perfectly poached eggs. The truffle oil introduced an interesting complimentary flavour, which I've not seen or had anywhere else on's travels. All of the accompaniments complemented the eggs and toast superbly.

Compared to our visit to Teddys in Shoreham the portion size was perfect, filling but no need for an afternoon nap afterwards. In fact, I was tempted to go for a stroll round the block and come back for the full breakfast, because the Toulouse Sausage and Bacon on the Count’s plate looked damn fine. But I’ll save that for another Sunday. The service was very good, the staff friendly and they don’t rush you so you can sit and chat, read the paper, etc whilst you can finish your tea at your own pace when you’re done.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more to enjoy a great breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere then I highly recommend Mange Tout. And it’s worth a visit for lunch and a bottle of red.

Mr NoEggs:

To anyone else but me their menu, though very expensive, would be heavenly.  A vast array of culinary delights will await you, with each one more tempting than the last.  Although I was pleased that Mange Tout was selected as that day's venue, the problem I have is that they were all heavily reliant on eggs as their dish figurehead.  I quietly looked for my ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card and in the Orange pancakes with caramelised banana, a sharp fruit compote and a scoop of vanilla ice cream I had found it!

The pancakes, thick, springy and double the size of your usual British fare, had an underlying orange fragrance running through and topping of sweet sticky caramel lingered on my pallet (and also stayed in my teeth for the rest of the day despite heavy brushing) and played off the sharp fruit compote.  Coming in at £7.50, this is quite pricey compared to other pancake breakfasts in the city, but I didn’t have to eat again until late in the day and the extra’s in my teeth served as a good mid-afternoon snack.

The atmosphere in there is more akin to the chic atmosphere found in some of the West London locations I have visited, than some of the bohemian cafes that surround it.  This is a place to enjoy a breakfast with a paper, or discuss current affairs with a friend.  Discussions about how many Jägerbomb you did the night before would best be kept to yourself, instead switch the discussion to the impact of the current world economic crisis on the middle eastern process or something more sophisticated.

Mange Tout is in all fine restaurant and a lovely breakfast experience.  The staff were very professional our meals delivered swiftly and we were not harassed to pay the bill on a busy Sunday morning.  Relax, eat and unwind; tomorrow can wait.

*The problem with this reviewing lark is that we choose and pay out of our own pocket, so when faced with a choice between a potentially good cafe and somewhere that could be a bit dodge we always opt for the nice one. We’re not getting up early to eat rubbish. Actually NoEggs would. He’ll eat any breakfast put in front of him.