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Marwood Coffee Shop, Brighton

Marwood Coffee Shop [map]
52 Ship Street
Brighton, East Sussex
Tel:  01273 382063

Opening Times: 8am-8pm Mon-Wed, 8am-11pm Thur and Fri, 10am-11pm on Sat and 10am to 8pm on Sunday

Last Visited: October 2011

Just metres away from Ship Streets other independent cafe, Cafe Coho, is a hidden Coffee Shop that could very well be the most visually distinct place we've been to.  Street art just met the Coffee industry.

Recommended by Mr and Mrs Chipolata, Marwood Coffee Shop is a a slightly “crazy” place. Walls are covered in eye-catching art, door handles replaced by dolls arms, tables made out of roadwork signs and an acme anvil hanging by a thread above the front door.

A few twists and turns through to the rear of the cafe will reveal a large uncovered outdoor seating are, again covered in large works of graffiti. The most distinctive works in the courtyard are by the graphic artist 'Leeks'.  If you are familiar with the work of Darick Robertson (the artist on Warren Ellis 'Transmetropolitan' and Gareth Ennis's superhero satire graphic novel ‘The Boys’), then this style may be very familiar to you.  Think a more comedic and gritty Lichtenstein.

It could've been quite easy to write this cafe off as style over substance, but one sip from the beverage of your choice soon quelled any fears.  A great selection of coffees and teas are on offer,  My cappuccino, made from Mozzo Coffee, was a caffeine buzz like no other.  The intense flavour grabbed my taste buds, injected them with coffee goodness and then refused to let go.  Their counter also had a selection of great looking cakes to enjoy, but for me that day the coffee was sufficient.

Although everything is unique in this cafe a couple of things in particular caught my eye.  On the tea menu I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mr Scruff tea was available (I've not seen it anywhere else and who doesn't like DJ-based tea!) and a great sign on the coffee machine saying that “Decaf is not cool- unusual fee of 20p”.  It goes to show that you don’t have to be prim and proper to run a coffee shop, there is fun to be had too.

If you are tired with the mainstream take on the modern coffee house, Marwoods is sure to delight as a quirky diversion, but there is enough quality in their coffee to make it a more permanent destination.

If you enjoy a hot drink in the early evening there are also plenty of cosy nooks and crannys to make yourself comfortable in and absorb the absurdity of the place.

Mr NoEggs