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Redwood Coffee House, Brighton

Redwood Coffee House
Redwood Coffee House
97-99 Trafalgar Street

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm, Saturday from 9am-6pm and Sunday from 9am-5pm

Last Visited:  April 2012

With a name familiar to those who have travelled to or read about one of the west coast of America, we ventured in to see if any of the coffee culture (or giant trees) had passed over the Atlantic to the south coast of Britain

The Redwood cafe is a location I have often tried to visit as a pre-breakfast location when in the city for a review.  But due to my poor timing I have been left outside as I have turned up when the doors have been firmly locked.

My first visit to the cafe ended up being a Saturday afternoon in early April.  Not the warmest of days, people were obviously looking for somewhere to get away from the chill in the air. Ordering at the very high (for me) counter, I squeezed onto the end of a comfortable sofa on the upper level of the cafe.

Space within the cafe has been maximised to include group and couple seating areas.  The cafe’s walls are adorned with nostalgic nick-nacks, poems written on chalk boards and even a television playing Betty Boop cartoons on a loop.  There is plenty to distract from a conversation, or to keep you busy if you are on your own.  The Roots ‘The seed’ was playing when I sat down, a great track and shows that you won't get the humdrum S*arbucks playlist here.

Now down to business and the real reason I was there, the coffee!

Made with blends that are either fair-trade, organic or rain-forest certified, they are in keeping with the eco-friendly West-Coast lifestyle their name promotes.  Their menu was competitively priced compared to the plethora of local cafes in the area.  Cappuccinos & Lattes were £2.30 for small and £2.80 for large and a flat white, £2.20. I ended up, after much deliberation, ordering a latte.  The blend of coffee they used was very smooth, but still had a punch to it.  I have found in the past some fair-trade coffees to be a little too weak for me, but this hit the spot.

If coffee isn’t your bag (baby) also on offer were loose leaf teas (at £2.20) and a cup of Tetley's at £1.50.  In cafe made milkshakes and smoothies were also available for £3.50.  Although they don’t have a breakfast range (hint, hint) they did have on offer a number of counter cakes, sandwiches and toasties.  The toastie which caught my eye was the ‘three cheese & apple’.  Yum!

Overall a delightful cafe which serves as another great independent option in a very popular barista district.  With more space than nearby Coffee@33 this is an ideal pace for a large group to relax and unwind in.

Mr NoEggs