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Seasons Cafe, Brighton

Seasons Café [map] (This cafe has now ceased trading- April 2012)
36 Gloucester Road
Tel: 01273 689388

Opening Hours: (PLEASE NOTE:  As of April 2012 this cafe has ceased trading) Tue-Sun breakfast is served 10am to 12pm. Unfortunately they are closed on Mondays.

Last Visited: July 2011

Another week, another find.  Amongst many of Brighton’s premier breakfast dining halls we stumbled across Seasons, injecting a bit of class into the breakfast experience.


Hello!? Was this the best Brighton breakfast so far?  Hmm, actually we’ve been to Nia and Mange Tout this year so maybe not. But it’s up there with the big ones.

It was a toss up between the Full Seasons and the Chef’s Breakfast, and I went for the larger of the two. Obviously this was not due to greed, but to savour all of the fine ingredients on offer. What arrived was a lovingly arranged plate of wilted spinach on ‘chewy brown’ toast (bread from Real Patisserie, nice local sourcing) topped off with bacon, chipolatas and two poached eggs.

Interspersed amongst this was a grilled tomato and fried Portobello mushroom. There was nothing overly fancy about it, just good ingredients cooked well. In fact I don’t think anything stood out, it just all hung together really well. However best cooked poached eggs this year, they were perfect, no wibbley wobbly undercooked bits, just firm whites and runny yolks. I had a simple earl grey tea on the side, but they do an interesting selection of teas (see Mr NoEggs). This was one of the few large breakfasts I’ve had this year where I didn’t feel like I’d eaten too much after I’d finished.

I’ve not been here before but I will certainly be coming back. Top marks from me.

Mr NoEggs:

To be honest I was not as impressed as TMOS with my breakfast.  Although Seasons was a very slick and sophisticated outing, to me it lacked the relaxed atmosphere which goes along with a good breakfast.  The 10am opening time and staff still clearing up made it feel like a restaurant stirring after a nights sleep and this was in contrast to the very much awake Inside Out across the street.

The quality of the ingredients for my bacon sandwich with black pudding did not justify the steep £4.50 price tag, with the black pudding costing £1 extra.  Though it contained four good quality chipolata sausages, they were not in the same league as the bangers found in Nia or Ethels.  The bread was also very lifeless and was not as good as what Farm offered.

However as prompted by TMOS, the tea menu is fantastic.  Alongside the standard breakfast teas, Seasons offer many fragrant tea blends which became the highlight of my visit.  I finally decided on the 'Veranda tea' which blended black tea, mango pieces and Sussex summer flowers; a very manly tea I'm sure you would agree.  It's light fruity taste refreshed my taste buds after a meaty breakfast and help wash away the stress of the weeks work.

As TMOS was a great fan and wants to return I think I will follow him back here, but only if he agrees to go for lunch.  To me there are better breakfast options nearby and aside from the bacon/sausage sandwich there are too many egg dishes and I can't justify going back just for the tea.

Portion Size: ★★★★☆
Value For Money: ★★★½☆
Service: ★★★½☆
Ingredient Quality: ★★★☆☆
Overall: ★★★½☆