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Seven Bees Cafe, Brighton

Seven Bees Cafe [map]
7B Ship Street Gardens
Brighton, East Sussex
Tel:  01273 205477

Opening Times:  Monday- Tuesday and Thursday- Friday 09:00-15:00, Saturday & Sunday, 09:00-16:00.  They close for a rest on Wednesday

Last Visited: October 2011

A blink and you will miss it cafe found amongst the catacombs of Ship Street.  Named Best Fry up in Brighton by Source magazine in September 2010 we can't believe we haven't visited until now!


Hidden from view, but situated in one of the most popular areas of the city, Seven Bees Cafe was a welcome find early on a Sunday morning after what had been a very busy and stressful week.  Though only seating around 20, this cafe is brightly coloured and well lit for being in such a dark and claustrophobic alleyway.  What attracted me most was the sign in the window proclaiming “The Best Big Breakfast in Brighton”.  Such lofty claims couldn't be left untested so I ventured in for the good of the cause.

The setup of the cafe was very simple; tables at the front and a counter/small kitchen at the rear of the cafe.  All food was prepared in that area and the premium on space was reflected in their breakfast menu.  Like most other small cafes it was simple, but very effective.  Three breakfast sizes on offer - The light, The bigger breakfast and the biggest breakfast; alongside a create your own breakfast option, there would always be something to meet any appetite.  There was also the option of traditional “lighter” breakfast bites such as porridge, omelette's and yoghurt with Granola.  The back of the menu also contained a lovely written piece about the cafe (which opened in 2009) and explained their intentions saying that they tried to locally source ingredients where possible.  Something we are always very fond of hearing.

I decided to head for the middle sized fry-up, 'The Bigger Breakfast', so I could sample a little bit of everything.  I removed the egg, and in its place added in a black pudding (at extra cost).  Cooked to order and delivered 5 minutes later with a lovely cup of Rosie Lee, I was presented with a breakfast that appealed to the eye, as well as the stomach.  The sausages were crispy and full of meaty goodness, unfortunately was the bacon the reverse, thin and lacking in taste. The black pudding was of very good butchers quality and cooked to perfection.

The highlight of the breakfast was its centre piece, the potato latke.  Created like an onion bhaji, layers of grated potato were formed into a ball and deep fried.  Although dry on its own when eaten with beans it was devoured in record time.  The two slices of buttered white toast which came with it also made this very good value at £5.95 (85p extra for Black pudding).

With great ingredients, friendly service and ample portions on offer, I cannot believe that I had not been there before in the two years its been open.

Mr NoEggs