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Temptation, Brighton

Temptation [map]
56 Gardner Street (North Laine),
Tel:  01273 673 045

Opening Times: The 'Sussex Breakfast' and a range of delights are served on weekdays until 12pm.  At the weekend they serve their full breakfast menu until 4pm; enough time for a lay-in and some shopping before!

*Update: January 2012 (From the good people at Temptations) Some good news they now serve "breakfast all day long, all week long! With specials of Eggs Benedict, Florentine and locally sourced salmon on the Royal at the weekend".

Last Visited: April 2011

A café featured on BBC1's 'Great British Food Revival' , 3rd in the 2010 Brighton Foodie Awards Best Cafés (behind the winner 'Ground' and in 2nd 'Bills') and who have a former Sussex Young chef of the year at the helm.  With all this in their favour, it was time we visited.

Mr NoEggs:

Inspired by the chic surroundings of this lovely eatery, I decided to move away from my usual fry-up and tried something a little different and more sophisticated, the lemon soufflé pancakes.  As soon as they arrived I was glad I had made this choice.

Although they were a little too well cooked on one side for my liking, the fruit compote was a delightful accompaniment to the light and fluffy pancakes.  The blend of the honey with the sharp contrast of the raspberries and lemon, really pulled the flavour together to make something quite special.  The large portion made up of four pancakes for £5.95, also made it a very good value breakfast.

The traditional fry-up, enjoyed by both Mr Chipolata and Count Cumberland was also very enticing and use of locally sourced ingredients, makes sure that it complies with what is required to be officially recognised as a 'Sussex Breakfast'.  The combination of the rustic bread, a juicy looking sausage, huge rashers of bacon and scrumptious pan-fried mushrooms, made my mouth water.

However, when I return I think I will be trying the Sussex Rarebit, which Mrs Chipolata enjoyed on our visit.  Though not a cheesy person I think that the blend of Ashdown Forester Cheese and Hepworth Sussex Ale used to top the dish and the home-made chutney on the side, may finally convert me and get my vote next time.

In hindsight, I think Mr Chipolata's choice that day to go there may very well have put the future of this website into question.  Now if I have a spare morning I think I could very well find myself coming back time after time to this fine establishment.  Not since my first visit to Billies have I been so impressed with a café without any prior knowledge of it.  Even if I just end up eating there all the time and don't post any more reviews, I think I would still be a very contented man.  This was a first class breakfast and a café I highly recommended.

Mr Chipolata:

After a short meander through the beginnings of the Brighton Marathon food festival I hastily decided on Temptation, and boy were we glad. Teas were ordered and arrived dressed in cosies colourful enough for ladies day at Goodwood. The Sussex breakfast initially sounded a bit too heavy but I went for it anyway.

The breakfast that arrived looked bigger than it read! Huge planks of roughly shawn toasted bread dripping in melting butter surrounded the gorgeous array of breakfast bits. Perfect little poached eggs sprinkled with chives were dunked left right and centre by smoky bacon, a meaty sausage and fistfuls of the aforementioned bread. The little ramekin of beans keeping everything seperate and ocd safe were also a dunking haven.

Such a simple component as the bread makes such a huge difference, instead of some lightly warmed sliced brown bread, I got to tackle my breakfast with weapons as delicious as they were large. If anyone knows me well, they'll know I love a bit of fresh bread and lashings of butter (come on, who doesn't?) and nobody does it quite like Temptation. I should really mention the rest of the breakfast because it was made up of absolutely fantastic, good quality ingredients and plenty of it cooked to perfection.

Sat in a sunny corner of the cafe, surrounded by our pretty little teapots the day couldn't have started better.

Portion Size: ★★★★½
Value For Money: ★★★★½
Service: ★★★★½
Ingredient Quality: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★½