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The Dorset, Brighton

The Dorset [map]
28 North Rd,
Brighton,  BN1 1YB
Tel:  01273 605423

Opening Times: Breakfast is served from 10:00am to 13:00pm at weekends and at "busy times"

Last Visited: February 2011

After being highly recommended to us as a lunch-time venue, we visited the Dorset in Brighton's popular North Laines to see whether their breakfasts matched their glowing reputation.

Count Cumberland:

With a poor showing from Mr Chipolata, I stepped in to assist Mr No Eggs on this week’s review. The Dorset didn’t open ‘til 10 which left time for a dissection of the previous nights Rugby match over a quick cuppa in Cafe Nero. Upon arrival at The Dorset, I was disappointed to see an array of empty seats - judged by the bums on seats factor, this was not promising! We were given a choice of seating, and settled on a small table by the window which was peculiarly perched on a raised section of the floor.

Whilst browsing the (limited) breakfast menu, our drinks order was taken. One fresh orange juice for me, another cuppa for No Eggs. Drinks arrived shortly and we placed our main order - one Full English and one Eggs Benedict.  Then we waited... Commented on the wait to each other… and waited … some more.  After what seemed like an age, the food arrived.

First impressions were good, and I was eager to tuck into the homemade Hollandaise sauce covering the eggs. Alas, the first mouthful was disappointing - the eggs and toast were not hot enough. Could a wait for No Egg’s Full English have sabotaged my morning feast? Either way, my mind was set for the rest of the meal - this was not a great place for breakfasting. To give credit where it’s due, the eggs were poached well, and the ham was (cough) thick, juicy and tasty.

Mr NoEggs:

I think Count Cumberland's comments above pretty much sum up our breakfast experience.  After some glowing reviews from friends about the quality of their lunch menu, I had high hopes for the breakfast but left disappointed and frustrated by what could have been.

Despite prompt and polite service and an empty restaurant the 30 minute wait for our breakfast was far too long and as there seemed ample staff serving on the floor it raises questions over whether they can cope when a rush is on.  The Full English on paper really stood out as having a lot of individual flair and character which could have raised it above the number of quality cafes in the Laines.

Comprised of smoked back bacon, pork sausage, fried eggs (boo!), bubble n squeak, Balsamic grilled tomato, homemade baked beans and toast, this cast-list should have been enough to guarantee a 5 star review.  But what was delivered was cremated bacon, a very small (but high quality) sausage, cold bubble n squeak with peas in (creamy and very tasty), tomatoes minus the balsamic and cold home made beans.  If the breakfast had arrived sooner, more care was taken with the cooking and was warmer than what we experienced this would and really should have been a different story.  The homemade baked beans, made with onion and chopped tomatoes, were the stand-out item and  it's a pity that the surrounding items tainted it's quality in my memory.

As a former industry employee I know how bad the wages are, but the “optional” service charge added to the bill was an unwelcome sight. I always tip over 10% and shouldn’t have been made to feel guilty about reducing the tip - the wait was too long and the quality of the breakfast not what I would expect for the price (£7.25, including tea or coffee).  I believe that this breakfast experience can best be summed up as a great breakfast in principal, just poorly executed.

Portion Size: ★★★☆☆
Value For Money: ★★½☆☆
Service: ★½☆☆☆
Ingredient Quality: ★★★½☆
Overall: ★★½☆☆