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Bagelman, Hove

Bagelman (Hove Location) [map]
106 Church Road,
Hove, East Sussex
Tel:  01273 777251

Opening Times:  Their official website says Mon-Sat 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm. But a new sign says that they are "Now serving from 8am" (Monday to Saturday we assume).

Last Visited:  August 2011

Bagelman is a Brighton institution. With three locations in Brighton & Hove, they must be doing something right.  So we decided to see how their Hove shop's breakfast menu fared against rival early morning competition.


Having only previously eaten here for lunch (I had the "Anchorman" special- a cup of chicken soup and a Reuben bagel. Pure afternoon delight!), I was unaware that they offered a breakfast range.  With the menu being split between Meat or omelette based bagels, I opted to try the Sausage bagel.  Where as in normal cafes you may get a choice or white or wholegrain breads, here you get an extensive range of bagels to choose from.  Options included; Sesame seed, wholegrain, poppy seed, plain, cheese topped, or my choice for the day, Jalapeno.  The staff also offered me the chance to have it toasted...wait, I have just seen from their on-line menu that this is 20p extra and I wasn't told.  I didn't get a receipt to check this, but I should have at least been told if it did cost extra.

When my bagel arrived after a short wait (which I assume was for TeaMilkOneSugar’s three cheese omelette with pan-fried mushrooms to be made), I was very pleased with how it looked.  The Jalapeno's in the bagel brought some colour and the light toasting (angry... must calm down) gave it a good crunch and too added to the appearance.  To go with the sausages I asked for my favourite breakfast accompaniment, brown sauce. The vinegary, spicy sauce which had been heated up from the sausages combined with the deep heat of the jalapeno’s and reminded me of chippy sauce that I loved on my visits to Edinburgh.  It gave the bagel a very satisfying flavour which left my taste buds wanting more.

Now onto my grievances.  The sausages were not the greatest quality and I felt that the catering standard provided did not reflect superior standard of their regular menu ingredients.  The mug of tea also served to me had tea leaves floating in it and dirty marks on the bottom.  The tea itself was also not the strongest of flavours and there was too much pre-added milk for my taste.

Bagelman I think in the future will stay as a lunchtime treat for me.  The bagel though nice in parts and a great change to a bap or sandwich, just did not match up to the standard set by their lunch/afternoon menu.   Nearby bakeries such as Real Patisserie and Sugardough offer a higher quality breakfast selection for the same price.  But if you need a quick breakfast snack and don’t want to go to any of the chain bakeries surrounding, this could be an option for you.

Mr NoEggs