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Ethel’s Kitchen, Hove

Ethel’s Kitchen [map]
59 Blatchington Road,
Hove, BN3 3YJ,
01273 203204

Last Visited: December 2010

In their own words Ethel’s Kitchen produce “Good food” with “no fuss”.

Dec 2015 - Seems to have renamed to The Hidden Pantry.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat = 08:30am- 17:00pm, Sunday = 10:00am- 17:00pm (Breakfast menu served till 12:00pm, All-day Brunch menu available all day)

Breakfast Price: £3.50-£6.95; for a bowl of muesli served with fresh fruit and yoghurt or soya milk to a Sausage fry-up. A vegetarian breakfast and a Vegan Option is also on offer.


Mr No Eggs:

Eaten: Sausage Fry-up

How else can I start but by saying that this is a very lovely cafe, it's quaint and welcoming and it’s the sort of place you can imagine Kirstie Allsopp going to.  Like Billies, Ethel’s Kitchen is not a traditional greasy spoon, but if you have family or significant others in tow you can score some serious Brownie Points and still get your greasy fix.

Care and effort has gone into each individual breakfast item and it has really paid off.  The potato rosti was full of flavour and along with the sausage was the highlight of the breakfast.  The loose leaf tea in a big teapot was a nice touch and when I go back, and I will, I'll be trying the ‘banana, cinnamon, and honey toasted sandwich’ and the ‘eggy bread served with fresh fruit and maple syrup’.

Mr Chipolata:

Eaten: Sausage Fry-up with poached eggs.

I know how the Queen has her fry up now, with tea in china tea cups whose handles are too small for anybody with fingers that have ever been in the vicinity of any kind of manual labour. The "Sausage fry-up" hints that you will be munching on something more interesting than a Walls banger, a fry-up centered around the sausage is a good start.

Of course, they didn't disappoint, very tasty beef sausages that weren't too rich. The potato rosti was absolutely delicious, a lovely garlic flavour really spiced up the breakfast and went perfectly dunked in some beany sauce. All was washed down by a fine pot of loose-leaf Earl Grey tea in my rather posh tea cup and if my belly would have allowed it the carrot cake at till would have been my next vicitim.

A highly recommended breakfast for the more discerning gentlemen!

Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Portion Size: ★★★½☆
Value For Money: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Overall: ★★★★☆