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Sugardough, Hove

Sugardough [map]
12 Victoria Terrace,
Hove, East Sussex
Tel:  01273 727227

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 7:30-17:30; Saturday & Sunday: 09:00-17:30; unfortunately on Mondays they are closed.  They need their rest after a busy week

Last Visited: May 2011

This was a bit of a find.  Been here for 18 months and only just discovered it. Mainly because it's on the stretch of Kings Road between Hove lawns and the King Alfred that seems to be a row of shops that are always closed down.  Sugardough is a bakery that specialises in sourdough breads, as well as a fine looking selection of cakes and pies. It’s a small shop but has a few small tables if you want to sit in, or the beach is a short walk away.


I arrived a short while before Mr and Mrs No Eggs, so ordered an Earl Grey tea and read the paper until they arrived. A nice touch was that the tea came in a pot with a china cup and saucer, unlike other bakeries who deliver drinks in cardboard vessels.  During the 5-10 minute wait there was a steady flow of customers, and judging by the banter with the guy behind the counter, Sugardough has a loyal regular clientèle. When the No Eggs arrived I had an English Breakfast Pastry topped with a baked egg, bacon and black sausage. An interesting idea, and one that made me wish I’d got there when they’d just come out of the oven and were still warm. [I've since been back and they’ll reheat things for you. And they do this by chucking it back in the baking oven, not in a microwave. That’s a nice change, no soggy pastry.]

The whole time we were here there was a stream of great looking baked items flowing from the kitchen (which is open so you can see the bakers at work). After breakfast I couldn’t resist a Peach and Custard Pastry to take home. This was eaten later in the day and it was marvellous. Slices of tart fresh peach really cut through the sweetness of the thick custard and light pastry. It was joyous with a cup of tea. From this moment forward the Real Patisserie has a fight on its hand for a place in my heart as the Hove bakery of choice. If only Sugardough was a bit closer to home.


(It's only a 5 minute bike ride for you! We drove down all the way from Horsham!- Mr NoEggs)

(Damn tourists clogging up our fine city with flipping cars!- TeaMilkOneSugar)

Mr NoEggs:

I completely agree with everything said above. Along with Hove's Real Patisserie, the area has another reason to be cheerful and slightly plumper. Avoiding the egg topped breakfast pastry I settled down at the table with a lovely pain au chocolat and a cappuccino.  The pastry was still warm and the rich chocolate oozed out covering my face (I shouldn't be allowed to eat in public).  The cappuccino was made with excellent coffee and the foam was as rich as a pudding and I would advise a spoon to get you through to the bottom of the cup.

The opening hours, including Sunday, mean that this isn't somewhere to stop-in on during the week.  This can be your place to either start or end your weekend at.Oh go on then! Treat yourself and do both!  I could honestly sit there all day and watch the fresh bread being baked, pies being put on display and pastries being placed in the windows.  In fact I may just do that!  I wonder if they will let me move in?!

Portion Size: ★★★★½
Value For Money: ★★★★½
Service: ★★★★½
Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Overall: ★★★★½
  • carol browne

    I am so lucky! Sugardough is just down the road from me. My only gripe is that they don’t open til 9 on Sundays. I am an earlybird. But, it is worth waiting – best almond croissants in the world (I am an authority on this subject) and their rhubarb and custard pastry is to die for! I cannot choose, so eat both. Diet tomorrow. Mmmmm.

  • Phillip Pennycott

    This place is to die for. The quality and variety is wonderful, and all at chain prices. Greggs would like to be like this but is not even in the same oven

  • neil b

    I love this place, delicious food, nice atmos’, lovely crockery, and that fabulous little Austin van, wow – I never thought I’d give anywhere 10/10 but Sugardough gets 11.

  • Ruth

    Was visiting a friend who recently bought a flat nearby and she suggested a visit after a walk down the Prom. She had this gorgeous wheatfree chocolate cake and I had the carrot cake. I was so impressed that I bought a range of their pies and a whole chocolate cake to take home for my husband and teenage children. The pies were delicious especially the chicken, bacon & pea and my son has asked when I am going back to Hove to pick up another cake!

  • Bernard Bernard

    Very good bread makes my bones feel good

  • Mike Siggins

    Not quite as good as the rave reviews but still well worth a visit. Not cheap though so the comparison with Greggs is puzzling.