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The Brown Sugar Cafe, Hove (This Cafe has ceased trading)

The Brown Sugar Cafe [map]Brown Sugar Cafe, Brighton (This Cafe has ceased trading- April 2012)
40 Western Road
East Sussex BN3 1JD

01273 202 828

Last Visited: February 2011

Up until more recent years The Brown Sugar Cafe was known as the legendary Naff Caff, filling the bellies of those nursing the morning after the night before. How does its current incarnation compare, will it be the miracle hangover cure or will you be after hair of the dog instead?

Opening Times: (Please Note that as of April 2012 this cafe has ceased trading) 07:30am-14:30pm

Breakfast Prices: From £3 (lite menu A) to £6.95 (Super #8).  Vegetarian breakfasts are also available

Brown Sugar Cafe, Brighton - Super Number 8Mr Chipolata:

My old local, how I've missed thee.

Hobbling up from 2 roads away to the Naff Caff used to be the only cure for a heavy night of drinking. An oversized breakfast being the prescribed solution to ingesting too much alchohol.

The Brown Sugar has managed to retain most of the charm of the Naff Caff, mostly because they haven't changed a thing. It would appear that the new owners just didnt like the name and we still have all the same decor, tables and chairs and even the "Super Number 8" board to the side of the main menu; still grinning to itself like a taunting challenge for those still drunk and willing to do stupid things like eating 4 slices of bacon for no good reason.

I decided to go for a so-called lighter-bite, which appeared to be a normal sized breakfast on a small plate. A fairly decent sized portion for the price and I didn't feel like a fatty ordering it. All said and done it was a pretty standard breakfast affair, cheap ingredients in decent portion sizes. Black pudding was bland and rubbery but the crispy hash browns made up for it while the egg was cooked quite nicely for dipping.

The nostalgia certainly helped the venue rise above mediocrity for me but the food doesn't live up to the memories, probably because I wasn't nursing a hangover.

Mr No Eggs:

Since we started reviewing the breakfasts of the South East I have been regularly told nostalgic stories of trips to the Brown Sugar Cafe by friends who are local to the Brighton and Hove area.  The cafe itself is part of the folk-lore of the area and is always described in stories as being the venue for a “morning after” recollection session.  However most stories always reference the cafe as the “Naff caff” rather than its current guise.  I thought that as this was my first breakfast there, it would be good to write about it without seeing through the ‘Rose tinted glasses’ of yesteryear.

In contrast to the nearby contemporary eateries the Brown Sugar cafe offers a vast selection of set breakfast menu's and attempts to cater for those looking for a small start to the day, those who are looking for a substantial breakfast challenge and vegetarian diners, alike.  Immediately on the menu I was drawn to a breakfast told about as part of the cafe’s history, the “Super Number 8”.  I always enjoy a challenge and the stories of this breakfast led me to think that this was a great challenge.  However it just turned out that it was just a lot of bacon (4 rashers) and not a lot else.

Brown Sugar Cafe, Brighton - Lite BreakfastOur breakfasts arrived quickly, despite being a big group, and were warm and of a decent portion size. The quality of the breakfast was distinctly average and no individual items set the cafe apart from the competition.   The Super Number 8 was not all it was cracked up to be and unless you are a massive fan of bacon I would try a cheaper alternative.  In my opinion the inclusion in the price of some toast, black pudding/white pudding or some bubble would have gone some way to meet its reputation as a “big eat”.

In all a simple, affordable fry-up and with lots of seating suitable for large groups even mid morning.  However, if you are looking for quality over quantity the Real Eating Company and Billies are only a short walk away.

Brown Sugar Cafe, Brighton - MenuTeaMilkOneSugar:

Having had a very late red wine fueled evening the night before, I was drawn to Brown Sugar (this place will always be Naff Caff to me) for a late breakfast around 2pm. The food is much as I remember it, nothing spectacular but perfect in the right situation. Feeling a little under the weather a no.8 or super no.8 were definitely platefuls of too much food, so I opted for no.5 - 2 sausage, egg, beans and fried potatoes. And a can of coke to further aid recovery.

Sausages seem to be better than I remember from the old days, not your average greasy spoon fare. Fried potatoes were good and the fried egg was well cooked. The name changed a few years back but this is still as I remember it and that is good thing. I've been many times before, and I'll be back again.

Ingredient Quality: ★★½☆☆
Portion Size: ★★★½☆
Value For Money: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★½☆☆
Overall: ★★★☆☆