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The Hove Kitchen, Hove

The Hove Kitchen
102-105 Western Road
Tel:  01273 725495



Opening Hours:  The folk at T.H.K are open from 9am each day for breakfast. The signs did not say when it stops, but the egg dishes are available on their lunch menu.  At the weekend please note that they "apologise but at weekends the swapping of items and build your own breakfast may not be possible!".  You've been warned!

Last visited:  March 2012

Over the years we've known this under a number of different names and held many different opinions.  But today its called The Hove Kitchen and we'll leave our preconceptions behind until after our last bite

A relaxing and spacious location, with a bright and accommodating interior this is a perfect place for a large group to meet up. The ample space between tables also doesn’t make you feel that you are imposing on other diners, as smaller locations sometimes make you feel.  So you can be as raucous as you want... within reason!  As our group arrived in drips and drabs, the relaxed atmosphere meant that we didn’t feel rushed to order or move along.  You can order at your own pace and so we started with drinks whilst we waited for everyone to arrive.  The comfy pillow laden seats also meant that we could wait in style.  The pillows also came in handy as we were able to position Mr Chipolata’s mobile on top to Skype in Count Cumberland from sunny Romania.  The wonders of modern technology!

The breakfast menu on offer is very much from the keep it simple and the quality high, school of thought.  The traditional & veggie fry-up, eggs Benedict/Florentine & Royale, eggs (any style) on toast, scrambled eggs & Salmon and a dish of ‘Brushetta, ricotta, flat Mushrooms & a poached egg on toast’ are all there for your consideration.  With everyone going for the traditional fry-up I decided to mix-it-up-a-bit and selected the final breakfast option, Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup & bacon, with a side dish of Stornoway black pudding (£1 extra).

When the breakfasts arrived we all had a feeling Déjà vu and that a past review from 2010 was occurring again.  The style and quality of the breakfast and even the decor were very reminiscent of the breakfast we had at the former Real Eating Company location in Hove.  The layout of ingredients and design of some of the items (the hash brown) were very, very similar (the only difference being that this one was made of pure mash rather than grated potato before and this one did not have mushrooms).  But please don’t take this as a negative. TeaMilkOneSugar said that he thought it was as good as T.R.E.C. and that was one of our favourite breakfasts.

My mealwas easily a rival to the city’s other great pancake experiences.  The light, fluffy and creamy pancakes are easily worthy of being compared to other high end versions.  The maple syrup was warm and sweet and perfectly complemented the crispy, juicy, thick-cut rashers of bacon. Each bite was heavenly and not a test of attrition, which eating pancakes sometimes can be.  The buttermilk definitely made the difference as each bite quickly disappeared from my plate and left me longing for more.  The pancakes were also perfectly sized so that in combination with my sides I had eaten enough and not over-indulged.  With this dish I would highly recommend having a side of the Stornoway black pudding, as I did.  Cooked to perfection, the crisp outer coating gave a great textured crunch to unveil, as with the pancakes, a light and fluffy middle.  Each bite was packed with meaty flavour, there would be no bland stodgy black pudding taste here.  Outside of puddings bought directly butchers shop, this was the best I’d had in the city.

High quality ingredients, cooked faultlessly and a wonderful atmosphere made this a perfect way to start the day.  The black pudding keeps cropping up in conversation within our group as an excuse to return.  It has been very hard after today’s breakfast not to be overwhelming positive throughout this review.  With the same level of quality I have seen previously at the former Hove Real Eating company location and dare I say Mange Tout.  This is an affordable high-end breakfast which will not break the bank.  I think we may have found a new website HQ!

Mr NoEggs

p.s It's worth visiting in the evening as well! Their dinner menu is just as simple yet full of high quality gems including what has to be one of the best burgers in Brighton. The fresh home made burger patty is cooked to your liking (medium rare is recommended) and it's served on a sweet soft brioche style bun that is sturdy enough to hold together for the distance. The accompanying shoestring fries cooked with rosemary and garlic are addictive until the last bite. Recommended! - Mr Chipolata