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The Real Eating Company, Hove

The Real Eating Company [map]Real Eating Company, Brighton
(Please note that as of September 2011, this establishment has ceased trading)

86-87 Western Road
East Sussex

T: 01273 221444

Last Visited: March 2010

Found in the heart of Hove, this popular eatery uses locally sourced produce as the foundation of its breakfasts.  A short wait may be required for a table as its clientele pack all the tables and peruse the papers from the first moment of its 9am opening time.  If there is a queue to be seated, the cheese shop located on the first floor can whet your appetite whilst you wait.

Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am – 6pm, Sunday: 10am – 5pm, Monday = closed.  Breakfast is served until 11:30am each day.  There are only 42 seats, so going early is advisable

Breakfast Prices: From £7 for fry-ups and Egg specials, £4-6 for smaller breakfasts.

Real Eating Company, Brighton - Pancakes with bacon and maple syrupMr No Eggs:

Eaten: Pancakes, Bacon with Maple Syrup

Our breakfast here today can be seen as a two part review. The first part has been written by a hungry, angry man and the second by a person who is ecstatic over what he has just digested. Situated on Western Road in Hove (actually), the Real Eating Company despite being a big building only has a capacity of 42 and at a shockingly early 9:05am we managed to take the last big table available. The majority of the clientele were perusing the days newspapers and due to the number of sections that their preferred choice of paper has you may have a wait for a space ahead of you.

A wait to order and for our drinks to eventually arrive, did not immediately endear the place to me and made me sceptical of how long and more importantly how warm our food would be. The snooty atmosphere also had me on edge and was magnifying any potential flaw. My decision to move away from the safe option of a fry-up and go for a US style Pancakes & bacon with maple syrup was also weighing on my mind. As soon as our choices arrived though, my negative thoughts soon evaporated!

My pancakes and locally sourced bacon gave the American breakfast a UK twist and were full of flavour, even though I still think US crispy style bacon works better. It was the arrival of our groups fry-ups that made me jealous and disappointed of what I'd ordered, not because of the taste or its quality, but due to the individual flair of the breakfast. Begged for tastes of the juicy local sausage and magnificent in-house made hash browns swayed my judgement.

T.R.E.C is a sophisticated breakfast for people who don't want to scoff down a quantity over quality breakfast and are willing to pay extra for ingredients away from the usual catering fare. With an extensive breakfast menu with many unique offerings, such as the Irish Breakfast with two types of black pudding (though sadly no Soda Bread), I will head back to relax, unwind and next time enjoy the experience rather than just look to pick it apart.

Real Eating Company, Brighton - Eggs Florentine and sausage breakfastMr Chipolata:

Eaten: Eggs Florentine and an extra sausage

In an attempt to inject a bit more class into our recent sausage endeavours, I suggested The Real Eating Company, I noticed on their online menu that they served eggs florentine, something which I had been meaning to try for a long time.

We were seated towards the rear of the restaurant which didn't really exude as much charm as the rest of the place and the garish lighting meant that I couldn't get as comfortable as I liked. A busy waiter seemed disinterested in us until the stragglers of the group turned up, perhaps he was nervous that this ragged group of unkempt misfits seemed more likely to do a runner for an egg McMuffin than pay for his "Hove actually" breakfast.

That seemed to disappear once served by a smilier waitress and we got to deciding what was on offer. A fairly well rounded menu, egg specialities and a couple of full english variations are all accompanied by a fairly hefty price. £7-8 will start you off with your breakfast, another £2.50 for a hot beverage, and upwards of £3.20 for freshly squeezed juice. Once you start adding extras to your breakfast we're talking £2 each. For my hearty appetite I paid £2.50 for extra sausage, the omission on the menu of the quantity of sausages to be delivered led me to believe I may get more than one. Oh, how we hoped.

Real Eating Company, Brighton - English BreakfastAlas, my beautifully presented, no longer vegetarian eggs florentine, had just a single sausage. A superb sausage, I have to admit, but it wasn't £2.50 superb. The eggs, exquisitely poached with no snotty white to avoid, sat proudly atop their perch of tasty spinach, cooked and seasoned beautifully. The hollandaise sauce tangy and melded with the spinach well. The sublime runny yolks topping it all off with a high note of salty richness for me to dip my herby banger in and I was in food heaven for 15 minutes of well paced nibbling. A good cup of earl grey to help it all down and I was a very happy boy indeed.

The chefs certainly seem to know their way around an eggs florentine, and I will definitely be going back for another. How soon though is another question, as their greedy pricing for the breakfasts and extras is high enough to almost reconsider such tasty food.

Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Portion Size: ★★★★☆
Value For Money: ★★½☆☆
Service: ★★★☆☆
Overall: ★★★½☆