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The Breakfast Club, Angel

The Breakfast Club
31 Camden Passage
Angel, Islington
N1 8EA
Tel: 020 7226 5454

Opening Times: 8am-10pm Mon to Wed, 8am-11pm Thu to Fri, 9am-11pm Sat and 9am-10pm Sun. Their brunch menu is served daily until 5pm and an all-day breakfast is there to be chosen until closing.

Last Visited:  March 2012

“So let me get this straight.  There's a place dedicated to breakfast that’s open from morning to night, seven days a week. No, I don't believe you, it’s too good to be true. We are going to have to find out for ourselves.”

Arriving at the peak of the lunch hour on a rainy Friday we were faced with a 20 minute queue ahead of us.  The bright exterior of the building, witty signs and mouth watering menu were more than enough to keep us entertained while waiting for two of the 50 seats to become free.

Tightly packed in, there’s a real communal and relaxing atmosphere, which explains why we had to wait so long for a table as people just didn’t want to leave. The walls are decorated with collages of photos, and poems from the classic 80s film the cafe is named after. All that was needed was Emilio Estevez as our server that day and it would have been complete.  Their menu is where they blow the competition away, the fact that the brunch menu is available all day covers those who like a lie-in, and who doesn’t on a rainy day in August.

The brunch menu is full of so many tempting options that you might need a few visits before it becomes less intimidating.  The best method for selection is to cover your eyes and pick one, you will not be disappointed.  The Full Monty, pancakes or smaller options like porridge or their signature 'bacon butty' all tempted me, but the lure of a twist on one of my favourites caught my eye.  The chorizo hash and a cup of brewhaha tea was too good to turn down.

With all the excitement I forgot to ask to substitute my eggs, but even so - what a breakfast! As hearty as anything I have ever eaten, this was a true blend of rustic cooking with some Spanish flair to spice it up. Portobello mushrooms, pan fried potato and onion and the juiciest chorizo sausages I have ever tried.  So juicy in fact that when I pierced the skin I very nearly covered my neighbour in fiery red fat. This was exactly what a contemporary breakfast should be, a well cooked and presented modern twist on a traditional classic dish. The price of the breakfasts were reasonable for the area and the quality of the ingredients served. The Full Monty breakfast came in at £9.15, whilst my breakfast was £8.

Whether you are a brain, basket case, princess or a criminal I think there will be something here to satisfy everyone’s breakfast needs.  The range of dishes on offer, the high quality of their ingredients and the experience are all compelling reasons to plan a visit.  The fact that there are three other locations in the city to try out (Hoxton, Soho and Spitalfields) gives you some options too. I think now we could be spending a lot more time up in the smoke!

Sincerely yours,