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Borough Market, London

Borough Market [map]

Nearest Tube: London Bridge or Borough stations
Opening Times: Thursday: 11am - 5pm, Friday: 12-6pm, Saturday: 8am- 5pm

The first time I stumbled into Borough Market I knew that I had found a place I could relate to, a place that would share my passion for food with me, that even when busy you can still find a pocket of calm and a place where pretention takes a back-seat, no matter how it may be seen to others.  Before I had even finished my first visit, I was already planning my second and third trips.  The team @ TheBreakfastMenu spend so much time trying the unknown, I thought it was time to share my thoughts on a place that is special to me.

As with most markets the best time to enjoy this experience is in the morning as the crowds build up as the day moves on.  As soon as you step off Borough High Street you are whisked away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immediately bombarded by the bright colours and inviting fragrance of stalls selling fresh flowers and fruit, the doughy delights of the Flower Power Fresh bakery, the aroma of the individually filtered coffee’s at the Monmouth Coffee Company (with a queue stretching halfway down the road even at 9am) and the massive selection available at The Ginger Pig Butchers. After all this you still haven’t even made it into the market proper.

Once you manage to find your way into the Triangle, the heart of the market, you will likely already have a coffee in one hand and two paper parcels wrapped up with various goods in the other.  Not even 5 metres further along you are forced to stop and put everything down to relocate your jaw at the sight of the stall for Furness Fish and Game and their fresh food, cooked in humongous woks.  Even at 9am these can still make for a perfect breakfast and who can say no to either a Thai green curry or some fish soup when it looks this good?

Heading through the crowds, across Middle Road and out of the permanent buildings into the Green Market; free samples await at nearly every stall, by midday on a Saturday this part of the market becomes very popular and is jam-packed with vistors looking for a free lunchtime snack so an early visit is recommended. Whether your poison is cheese, chilli, cured meat or  olives there's something for everyone waiting on the end of a toothpick.

Kappacasein is worth a special mention for their cheese toasties, the sight of oozing cheese will be enough for you to partake in your fourth breakfast of the day.  Passing the pie and pasty corner you have just enough time to grab a Flavour of Spain, a Greek treat or a natural smoothie before you head back across the road into the organic wonder of the Jubilee Market area for another dose of organic goods, sumptuous meats and oils and chilli's galore.

Now this wouldn’t be a very good breakfast review website without a few words on what tasty treats are on offer here for you to start your day with. So, especially for you, today’s treat can be found at the centre of the market, Maria’s Cafe. Located in the Triangle amongst the permanent structures, this busy but not overwhelmed cafe offers up food from 5am on a Saturday for workers and shoppers alike and one of the main reasons they head there is their special breakfast offering, the Bacon, Cheese and Bubble bap.  Within the large fresh roll the butter melds with the bacon, melting cheese and the griddle fried bubble and squeak to make a savoury breakfast delight that will keep you coming back for more. Each visit ends with a B.C.B, no matter what my tour has brought and I can regularly be seen strolling down the embankment with a cheeky grin on my face and brown sauce down my shirt.

This market shouldn't just be seen as an outdoor supermarket where you can get different food, there are specialist stores everywhere. Think of it more as a food library, each stall is an encyclopedia run by people who know every detail about their goods. Don't be afraid, ask a question; "how should it be cooked?", "what is it best with?" they wont bite!  A trip to Borough is a great way to spend your day, pick up your shopping bags and head south of the river, you won't be disappointed.

Mr No Eggs