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Brasserie Gérard, Chiswick

Brasserie Gérard [map]
163-165 Chiswick High Road
London W4 2DT
Tel:  020 8742 1942

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-11pm, Sun 9am-10:30pm. Breakfast served until noon.

Last visited: May 2011

One of the many chain restuarants on Chiswick High Road is set amongst trendy shops, cafes and artisan bakeries. Would this be a true French experience or something slightly British?

Mr NoEggs:

We visited Brasserie Gérard on a wet and windy Saturday morning, despite the chic, inviting promise of the restaurant interior, from the moment a bland cardboard menu was offered it was clear that we breakfast may not live up to the pretense of sophistication.

Behind the French on their Petit Déjeuner menu were distinctly British breakfasts and were similar to what can be found at neighbouring Cote and the French Kitchen.  With Mrs NoEggs going for the Petit Déjeuner Anglais (fry-up) I settled on a ‘Saucisse Baguette’ (sausage baguette) enticed by the promise of grilled Cumberland pork sausages, my favourite!

What was delivered was a sausage almost identical to Sainsbury’s brand butchers choice sausages in a standard white crusty baguette. I can get far superior bread from my local Co-Op not to mention any offered in the Artisan bakery on Chiswick High Road.  Knowing that they regularly have a B.O.G.O.F on packs of 8 of these sausages for £1.99, I immediately resented paying £4.95 for the privilege.  In all, this was nothing to write home about, so I’m going to stop writing.

Ok, I’ll carry on.  Mrs NoEggs found her breakfast equally unimpressive.  A cold plate and very standard ingredients made her pine for the breakfast offered at the nearby French Kitchen  (Sometimes this reviewing lark can be quite unrewarding).

The trip wasn’t without it’s positives though, the service by our waitress was very friendly and attentive without being too pushy, and the latte was very good quality and presented nicely. The price of the fry-up (£6.95) was fairly reasonable, but you do get what you pay for.

Their slogan of ‘Simple French Food’ veered to far to the side of simple for my liking.  If you ever find yourself on Chiswick High Road I think there are better quality breakfasts available, pseudo French or otherwise. However if you would just like a quiet cup of coffee, this could be the place to spend your morning, just don't expect anything too French.

Portion Size: ★★½☆☆
Value For Money: ★★½☆☆
Service: ★★★½☆
Ingredient Quality: ★½☆☆☆
Overall: ★★½☆☆