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Villandry Kitchen, Chiswick

Villandry Kitchen [map] (Now called 'The French Kitchen')
219-221 Chiswick High Rd
W4 2DW
Tel:  020 8747 9113

Opening Times: Monday to Friday breakfast is served until 12:00pm.  At the weekend is served until 13:00pm, so you can have a lay in!

Last Visited: April 2011

After taking time out from spotting celebrities and rugby players, we had breakfast at one of the many 'artisan' eateries, the French flavoured 'Villandry Kitchen'.

*On the 25th April Maison Madeleine Limited purchased Villandry, and it is now under new management. The result of this is that the former Villandry Kitchen stores in Chiswick & Holborn are no longer part of the Villandry brand and have rebranded no longer using the Villandry name. The restaurant remains the same with the same staff, setup and menu, but the name now is “The French Kitchen”.

It's unlikely that there is a road in London with as many cafes and eateries as Chiswick High Road.  A representative of almost every major chain can be found alongside a number of independent cafes, bakeries and coffee houses, all offering sumptuous delights to tempt us in.  In amongst all these, a deli/restaurant caught my eye and with just a brief glimpse at their breakfast menu our decision was an easy one, into Villandry Kitchen we went.

Those who have been to Bills in Lewes or Farm in Brighton's North Laine will be familiar with the layout and concept of this bistro/cafe.  Offering fresh, high quality produce in both the restaurant and an integrated deli, dining there is an experience rather than just a place to eat.  Their chic rustic interior is in keeping with the surrounding boutiques.  A produce stall at the entrance and the goods within, is well worth five minutes of your time.  Though some products like the sourdough bread (£3.80) are quite expensive, it's all pretty special and worth an occasional splurge.  The dedicated breakfast menu which they offered was also a welcome sight.

As Mrs NoEggs was accompanying me I decided to order their traditional fry-up, the Farmhouse Breakfast, safe in the knowledge that she would attempt something more adventurous from the menu.  She didn't disappoint and plumped for the smoked salmon with free-range scrambled eggs on sourdough toast.  With a long day ahead, we were hoping to get something that would sustain us.  After a very short wait out came exactly what we wanted; two well presented, large breakfasts.

The Farmhouse Breakfast was exactly what a fry-up should be.  Made with a welcome individual twist with the use of little used ingredients, sourdough toast and a flavoursome portobello mushroom, this was a breakfast to savour.  The juicy sausages were easily the highpoint of the breakfast, intense flavour was packed into each meaty mouthful and having two of them meant that without eating the evil eggs I was full when my knife and fork were laid to rest.

The breakfast reminded me of what I had tried at Brighton's Nia and as with that the only downside was that this breakfast was a little on the dry side.  At times it became difficult to plow through the meat items and only the excellent pot of tea rescued me from a potential dry spot.  Mrs NoEggs was also pleased with the presentation, quality and size of her breakfast.  In fact she enjoyed it so much she managed to get some scrambled egg in her hair!  I think she was storing it away for a nibble later. Despite the expensive area, I was surprised that the breakfasts were competitively priced at just £8.25 (Farmhouse Breakfast) and £7.75 (Salmon, Eggs, Sourdough toast).  It was a surprise as I have previously paid far more, for what now seems an inferior breakfast, in many cafes in the area.

Villandry keeps up the high standards set by the other cafes mentioned.  If you are ever strolling down this part of West London and fancy breakfast and want to avoid the same old chain restaurants then this could very well be the place for you.

Mr NoEggs

Portion Size: ★★★★☆
Value For Money: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Overall: ★★★★☆