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Ikea, Croydon

Ikea, Croydon [map]
Valley Park, Purley Way
Tel:  0845 355 1144

Opening Times:  Breakfast is served Monday to Friday from 10am to 11am.  Be quick!

Last Visited:  October 2010

If the Dime bars and Meatballs aren't enough for you, the Swedish furniture giant also offers our favourite meal of the day.  "Small pencil... check, Big yellow bag.... check, Map of store... check... right, here we go!"


If awards were to be handed out, Ikea in Croydon would in my opinion be up for two; 'Best Value Breakfast' and 'Best Unexpected Breakfast'.  I intended to quickly pop into the huge Swedish furniture giant to see what their £1.55 breakfast was like and perhaps pick up some coathangers.  When I got there I found a packed cafe, which is never a good sign if you are looking to get your breakfast fix.  Luckily due to the quick canteen style of buying your food the line of 50 people in front of me quickly disappeared in no time.  The only hot option on offer was a fixed six item breakfast, but thanks to my Ikea family card (free to pick up instore and I would highly recommend getting one of these) would no longer cost me £1.75, it was now 99p and a free cup of tea or coffee was included in the price (however, the free drink offer is only from Mon-Fri with the card).  My smile just would not go away.  I was so happy in fact I picked up a vanilla danish pastry from a massive selection, better than most bakers would have and only £1.25 for a huge calorie busting snack.

So in total the breakfast cost me £2.24 and the surprise did not stop there, as what was waiting was a perfectly sized, warm and tasty breakfast.  When I asked for a small portion of scrambled eggs (so the picture looked good for you guys), the kind cafeteria lady gave me an extra hash brown and this made my day!  I enjoyed every part of the breakfast (even some of the eggs!) and I would certainly go back again.  For families a kids breakfast (3 items) is available for just 80p, so if you can get up there before 11am this is a great cheap way to treat all the family and as there is seating for over 200 people you will always find a seat.

Mr No Eggs