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Wagamama, London Heathrow (Terminal 5)

London Heathrow (Terminal 5)
After security- Departures level
Heathrow Terminal 5
Tel: 0208 283 6186

Opening Times: 05:30am- 09:30pm every day

Last Visited: May 2013

Passport (check), Boarding Pass (check), Bags checked in (check), Breakfast? Wait, Wagamama does breakfast?With my European & International travel increased over the last year, I find myself now regularly travelling from London Heathrow's Terminal 5.  In the past I have always thought very little of food I find at airports.  Usually it is over-priced, fast food and of little quality. Luckily T5 is looking to buck that trend and offer something different. Sitting in the main terminal concourse after passport control & security, in between Gordon Ramsey's and fellow high street neighbour Giraffe, Wagamama offers perfect views of the terminal building, gates in Zone A and of the runway, and most surprisingly, a great breakfast menu.

Seating 280 there will be no trouble getting a seat even at the busiest of times.  Even with a small queue on a very busy Friday morning, the line moved very swiftly and people were seated promptly.  Screens in the restaurant also allow you to keep an eye out for any delays to your flight and the important gate announcements.  They do also offer a Take-Away menu, so you can always grab something to take on your flight...Mmm Chicken Katsu on the go!

Taking up my now usual table by the entrance (near a screen,  great views and by the till if I need to escape quickly) only a brief glance at the menu is needed as I  have nearly worked my way through all the non-egg items (and some of the eggy ones too!). One thing the menu is not short of is options, and for me the wide range of items is great as there is always something to match my mood when ordering.  The variety on offer goes from the traditional (A Full English), to the contemporary (French Toast, Beef & Pastrami Hash and Pancakes) to full on Japanese (noodle & egg pancake dishes galore). But being Wagamama's, every dish (bar the Full English) comes with a Japanese twist, which adds that something extra to get you into the hoilday mood.  An example of this was the stack of Pancakes I had on one visit which was served with butter (normal), maple syrup (still normal) and orange chilli jam (!). A wonderful combination and something that I would like to try at home.  The three pancakes provided are also very filling and for the price £4.40, very good value.

Another example about their twists to classic dishes is their version of the classic BLT sandwich which, despite my rule about no salad in the morning, is now a firm favourite with me.  In between two sour dough slices of bread you will in Wagamamas find crispy rashers of bacon (normal), crispy iceberg lettace (still normal) and ginger and wasbi mayonase (!).  The flavour from this sauce gives the flavour from the bacon added depth and works very well with the cooling lettuce.  Also filling and verging on healthy (for me!), I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Taking Mrs NoEggs on a trip to Paris (I treat her right), also gave me the opportunity to try an egg based dish which she offered to have so I wouldn't be stuck with it (she treats me right).  So being free to go for anything we selected #156 'Okonomiyaki', a Japanese style egg pancake which is filled with bacon, chicken, prawns, shiitake mushrooms (don't spell that wrong!), red cabbage and leek.  It is also served with spring onions, wasabi mayonnaise and a number of things that escape me, but it tasted great!  For £6.15 you will have a dish big enough to service you throughout your trip.  In fact I am just full thinking of it.  The two large egg-pancakes were like French toast in taste and would normally alone be enough for breakfast, but when you fill it with the goodies mentioned above and garnish it in a sweet and tangy wasabi-mayo, it is a challenge to finish it.  If you do, hope for a smooth flight!

A quick mention of the beef & pastami hash, not your typical breakfast choice.  A lovely looking dish, full of flavour and not too filling for me.  I did lose the two eggs which come with it and would pad this out.  At £7.15 this is one of the more expensive dishes, but is well worth a try.

How could I forget?  Don't think you are limited to breakfasts, they offer their normal menu from opening so you can have whatever you want.  Mrs No Eggs and myself found this out to our cost in 2008, when after breakfasting on toast and their coconut porridge we saw a diner eating a Chicken Katsu curry and having an Asahi beer.  We were heart broken, but suffered through this ordeal, so you wouldn't have to.

Right, enough gushing about my trips there now.  There is one pocket of turbulence to discuss.  The hot drinks.  On my first visit I was given a latte in a very nice glass, which held a lot of coffee (they seemed to be serving the tea in the same glasses).  Ever since then every latte and cappuccino I have had has been served in the smallest cups I have found on my travels.  Only just big enough for a shot of espresso, they will be gone in one long slurp.  So my advice is to go for the tea (teapigs bags are on offer) or (Sssssh don't tell anyone), ask for Green Tea.... it's always free and the perfect refreshment before a long flight!

So should you ever find yourself in T5 and have some time to spare or are looking for a snack on the go I cannot recommend a breakfast here enough.  I first visited Wagamama's at T5 back in the summer of 2008 and I think consistently over the years the breakfast menu has gotten better and better, evolving now into a menu that I wished would be seen in more of their restaurants.  If they offered this breakfast menu outside of T5 (I do think some London restaurants do as well) I would be a regular customer and with the quality of the dishes on offer I cannot understand why they are holding back.  Come on Wagamama's you know you want to 🙂

Mr NoEggs