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Bite Size #3

A wise man once said "So many breakfasts, so little time. So keep them bite sized". At least that's what I think he said, he may have just said I was looking fat.

This week we have a right ol' mix of bite sized reviews for you; starting with the cheap and cheerful JJ's Cafe on Dyke Road in Brighton, the American Diner themed City Cafe in Edinburgh and the certain "Gypsy" flavour of Olive in Walton on Thames. Enjoy!


Woodies Diner, Hove

Woodies Diner [map]
366 Kingsway,
East Sussex, BN3 4QT
Tel: 01273 430300

Opening Times: Only available on Saturday or Sunday from 9:00am to 12:30pm
Last Visited: December 2010

Sadly Woodies has now closed down.

Located just past Hove lagoon on the Hove-Shoreham stretch of road, Woodies diner is styled to replicate a retro US beach-side diner and is a distinctive seafront landmark.  The quality of the interior is well done, without being too gaudy and the surfboards, jukebox and diner counter, bring a bit of the Beach Boys inspired US surf culture to Brighton. 


Rock Ola, Brighton

Rock Ola Cafe, BrightonRock Ola Coffee Bar [map]
29 Tidy Street

T: 01273 673744

Last Visited: June 2010

Deciding on an identity for your cafe in the unimaginative breakfast mongering business is usually as easy as "to grease or not to grease". Rock Ola has gone a step further and decided on an all out theme for their restaurant and menu, making a more memorable breakfast experience, not only in the decor but the food as well.