The Breakfast Menu Breakfast reviews from the South Coast and beyond


Little Chef, Podimore

Little Chef, Podimore- A303 [map]
BA22 8JG

Tel. 01935 840087

Last Visited: October 2010

Before I start this review I must make an honest confession... I am a (former) second generation Little Chef worker.  Following in my mother’s footsteps I worked at the restaurant for a year as a pot washer and drink server.  The Little Chef has always had a welcome place in my heart as I believe my trips there during my formative years to be the source of my love for food of a greasy variety.  Though it could also have also been the story of the day my Mum served Geoff Capes (he had loads of fried eggs) which served as the catalyst for my fondness for fried food!  From the cholesterol filled aroma as you enter the restaurant, to the identical interior to every restaurant, each visit brings back warm childhood memories.  But are such fond memories worth hanging onto?


Bite Size #2

Here are some more Bite Sized reviews for the breakfasts that we have ended up sampling during our extra curricular endeavors.... enjoy!


The Cabin, Faygate

The Cabin [map]
A264 Crawley Road
Faygate, Horsham, West Sussex
RH12 4SE
01293 851 575

Last Visited: March 2010

An award winning transport cafe and very popular with truckers and locals alike.  Big portions and low prices.


The Market Diner, Brighton

The Market Diner [map]The Market Diner, Brighton
19-21 Circus Street
East Sussex

Last Visited: March 2010

A late night refuge for taxi drivers, paramedics and clubbers serving enormous quantities of questionable quality food, but is that really what you care about at 3 in the morning while you tell your best mate Pete that you love him and how great he is. Over, and over?


The Chalet Transport Cafe, Cowfold

The Chalet Transport Cafe [map]The Chalet Cafe, Cowfold
Henfield Road,
RH13 8DU

01403 864314

Last Visited: July 2010

Nestled on its own between Henfield and Cowfold on the a281 is the Chalet Transport Cafe. A no nonsense, truckers breakfast awaits.