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Tudor Rose, Arundel

Tudor Rose [map]Tudor Rose Cafe, Arundel
49 High Street
BN18 9AG
01903 883 813

Last Visited: March 2010

Located in the Antiques capital of West Sussex, the Tudor Rose is nestled in amongst the favourite haunts of the many tourists who visit the town

Opening Times: Breakfasts are served from 9am to 11:30am, though the signs did say that the breakfast special offers are only available from 9-11am

Breakfast Price: From £1.85 (Croissant with Jam or Marmalade) to £4.75 (Tudor Rose Breakfast with tea and Toast).  All-day breakfasts are available after the breakfast specials stop, but cost £8.75

Tudor Rose Cafe, Arundel - Breakfast Fry UpMr No Eggs:

Breakfast: Tudor Rose Breakfast (minus the egg, but with extra hash browns)

I really didn't know what to expect from today's breakfast and when I entered The Tudor Rose it's décor, which looked like it was straight out of either a medieval museum exhibit, did nothing to quell my apprehension. However, it is possible to eventually start enjoying something you normally wouldn't be quite your cup of tea.

Despite the limited breakfast menu, dated interior the breakfast was very satisfying. Though the menu is a page long, really there is only one breakfast on offer (and after 11am it doubles in price), but what you get was very nicely cooked and of a good standard. The sausages and bacon were almost butcher quality, but as the were only one of each, to satisfy a hearty appetite extra items will be needed.  The 'extras' on the menu, hash-brown's aside (2 for £1), available were very expensive. A side of Beans (a whole cereal bowl full) was £1.75 and Mushrooms £2.40. I suppose they could be shared between two, but a small scoop of each could have been added to the breakfast for an extra 50p?

In all this was a simple, cheap and satisfying breakfast in a restaurant with bags of character. If you end up in Arundel and tired of the hordes of tourists taking over the streets, a trip to the Tudor Rose, before 11am, is recommended.

Tudor Rose Cafe, ArundelThe Bacon Butty:

Breakfast: Tudor Rose Breakfast (with extra Hash Browns and Beans)

In a time when vintage is all the rage, the tutor rose takes this to all new heights with a blend of classic food and a medieval armoury on the wall.

The Bacon Butty consumed the standard breakfast meal which consisted of bacon, a sausage, toast, a fried slice and a fried egg. On the side The Butty ordered two hash browns and a side of beans. The baked beans were overwhelming as they arrived in a cereal bowl, and were of the Heinz variety. The food portions where not generous but the quality was fantastic and cannot be faulted.

Friendly atmosphere and the fresh orange juice was lovely. For me however the highlight was a photo of the Queen. I recommend that you visit the Tudor Rose “the Flower of Arundel”

Ingredient Quality: ★★★☆☆
Portion Size: ★★★☆☆
Value For Money: ★★★½☆
Service: ★★★½☆
Overall: ★★★½☆