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Amelie and Friends, Chichester

Amelie and Friends
31 North Street
West Sussex
PO19 1LY
Tel:  01243 771 444

Last Visited: September 2012

Opening Times:  The weekend Brunch is served from 10-11:30am on Saturdays and 10am-12pm on Sundays.

As a rule of thumb you can usually tell from the outside of a building whether the breakfast is going to be worth it.  Ok, this model has had a couple of blips over the last few years, but it's mostly solid.  So applying and believing in it, our first glimpse of Amelie & Friend’s we knew that something special was about to happen.Visiting on a sunny September morning we decided to start our day at a restaurant that caught my eye on a previous visit to the cathedral city of Chichester.  Arriving bang on the 10am opening time we had a choice of where to sit. Moving past a very swish serving counter, we decided against sitting in their spacious conservatory and instead decided to make base camp in the main area of the restaurant.

60s retro styling is prevalent throughout, but don't be put off by the harsh design of the chairs, they are very comfortable and you will look cool.  Having spent much of the previous week reciting the online menu to myself, in the hope that we would visit, I was well prepared for the options available.

In order to catch the brunch menu, you will have to time your visit very well, as it is only available at the weekends.  Luckily, it's chock-a-block with tempting morsels and all items are as locally sourced as possible. Traditional fave’s such as egg on toast and a fry-up in two sizes sit alongside contemporary offerings like pancakes, smoked salmon on sourdough (accompanied by spinach poached eggs and Lemon Hollandaise sauce) and eggs benedict !

The smaller sized fry up included two slices of streaky bacon, a slow roasted tomato, marinated mushroom, one sausage, black pudding and an egg cooked in any style (scrambled & donated to Mrs NoEggs).  The large fry-up increased the bacon count from two to three and doubled the mushrooms and eggs. As I am at that time of my life when quality is starting to win over quantity, I decided to stick to smaller option.

It has been a long time since I have had a breakfast of this consistent high quality.  Each item was at the highest level of quality and had been cooked to perfection.  The sausage served was juicy and oozing with meaty goodness.  The skin had been crispened, but the insides not dried out.  Very important in my eyes.  The crispy bacon was not overwhelmed by the fat and crunched better than the already fabulous bacon from Bills in Lewes.

The black pudding segment was of the highest quality and the roasted tomatoes came out sweet and were perfect on the toast provided.  But after all this my favourite item was the marinated mushroom.  I saved a slither till last as the flavour and texture were enticing to the last bite. Over the websites history I can look back and confidently say this mushroom will go down as a highlight.  To be the best thing on a plate, that is predominantly meat based, is a true accolade.

For my drink I ordered a flat white and was delighted that it matched the quality of the breakfast.  The coffee was a blend I had never experienced before, Mokarabia coffee.  As intense and rich as Monmouth’s espresso blend and as pleasant an aftertaste as found in the Bhrundi of Small Batch Coffee.  This Italian espresso blend certainly packed a punch and I am now eager to source this for home.

Other important things to note include: the plate was warmed (Mrs NoEggs loved it again) on the bottom of the lipped plate, leaving the edges cool to carry and move around. A great idea!  The service was of a high level; prompt, friendly and allowed me to take photos!  The waitress also mentioned to another table that on their lunchtime menu they offer a burger.  Though not strictly breakfast, this is well worth a double-visit one day.

Our visit has made me recount the best breakfasts I've had and Amelie's is worthy of a seat at the top of the table. One of the best breakfasts in Sussex, if not Britain.  A bold claim I know, but try and prove me wrong, I dares ya!