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The Nags Head, Chichester

The Nags Head [map]
3 St Pancras,
West Sussex
PO19 7SJ
Tel:  01243 785823

Opening Times:  Breakfast is served Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 11am

Last Visited:  November 2011

We've often been accused of having eyes bigger than our bellies, so when we were alerted by Mr Wand-IT that Chichester had a pub/restaurant/hotel which offered an “all you can eat” feast, a visit was scheduled at once.

Our destination for the day is just a five minute walk from the towns landmark Cathedral. As the only diners in there when we arrived at 10am, we had our pick of the 100 seats to sit in. Our waitress showed us to a large table which would easily accommodate our 7 strong party and kindly brought a high chair for our smallest member.

The Nags Head is a pub modelled in the style of a Beefeater/ Harvester restaurant.  There is a bar section at the front of the pub and a large dining area at the rear that has the capacity to seat even the largest group. Accommodation is also available, so if you eat too much you can always book a room and sleep it off.  But enough about the surroundings, let’s get onto the food.

The most frustrating part of any buffet experience has to be the period when you are seated to when the first person breaks from the group. Mutterings of “etiquette” inevitably emerge with questions such as 'what is an acceptable amount to eat?' and the obligatory, 'when can we start?'. After a Mexican-standoff between the group, I followed the always eager Mr ChipsNGravy to see what was on offer.

At £7.95 the buffet had the usual fare with a few unique items thrown in.  Sausages, bacon, mushrooms, bubble and squeak, grilled tomatoes, toast and eggs, cooked to order in any style you wanted.  The ingredients were very good quality but when we were ready to eat they had passed their prime. As the breakfast was available from 7am and when we arrived there was no one else in the restaurant, what was waiting for us was a dried out version of its former-self.

The long wait under the lamps had seemingly affected every item.  The Heinz beans were forming a crust and starting to bake underneath. The bacon, thick and with very little rind, had become too crunchy for what a quality rasher deserved and the sausages, which once had been meaty and well seasoned, were fast becoming rock like in texture and taste.

The only thing not overcooked was the bubble and squeak; being that it was in-fact stone cold.  On both mine and Mrs NoEggs' plates the majority of our portion remained untouched.  It really was a shame that we experienced the breakfast items in the state that they were.  Saying all this I did end up having two breakfasts, so either the quality wasn't as bad as I’m saying or I am a glutton.  Ok, I’m a glutton.  I hope you are happy now!

Where this buffet shows its true worth was not found under a hot lamp, but the constant stream of drinks brought to our table.  Included in the price was unlimited tea, coffee and juices.  The two cups of coffee and three glasses of Orange Juice (apple juice was also on offer) were happily accepted and made it great value for money.  The excellent waitress also brought a mashed up banana for our breakfast bambino, which shows the level of personal care they are willing to put in.

I think the Nags Head would be worth another visit if our large group ever meet up again in the town.  The quality of the ingredients used was high, despite their execution, and the unlimited drinks make this very good value for money.  With better timing our experience would have been completely changed and the promise of “all you can eat” is just too good to turn down.

Mr NoEggs