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The Chalet Transport Cafe, Cowfold

The Chalet Transport Cafe [map]The Chalet Cafe, Cowfold
Henfield Road,
RH13 8DU

01403 864314

Last Visited: July 2010

Nestled on its own between Henfield and Cowfold on the a281 is the Chalet Transport Cafe. A no nonsense, truckers breakfast awaits.

Opening hours: Opening hours are 7am-2pm weekdays and they are open 8am-1pm on Sunday, though this is a biker day and will be very, very busy.

Breakfast Price:From £3.50 up to £6.50, but the portion sizes are huge and the choice of breakfasts vast


The Chalet Cafe, Cowfold - Jumbo BreakfastMr No Eggs:

Breakfast: Jumbo Breakfast

This transport cafe, very popular with truckers, bikers and locals alike, from first walking through the door made a great impression and has lived up to the many recommendations previously given to me.  Friendly staff, a scenic location and an extensive menu made this a worthwild trip already.

The picture (right) of the breakfast only tells half a story, as the second plate of mushrooms had not made it in time to the table before I had taken the photo. The quality and service was overall very good.

Writing this, it’s 24 hours since I had my breakfast and I’m still full. For anyone looking for a good quality traditional fry up, this is your place. The only thing I would say is to go early, as it will get busy.

The Chalet Cafe, Cowfold - Omlette and Chips BreakfastMr Chipolata:

Breakfast: Mushroom and Cheese omelette, heavenly chips and tea (no black pudding)

After hastily trying to choose a breakfast the others weren't ordering, I somehow settled on the 3 egg omelette (containing ham, mushrooms and onions and missing cheese because I forgot to ask for it) alongside chips and beans, with a side order of black pudding (which never came to fruition). I wasn't expecting the monster that appeared. The plate,  split in 2 halves by a huge dollop of beans and more chips than a single person should ever consume in a single sitting. The omelette which I had already forgotten ordering was buried beneath the mountain of potato, so I promptly began working my way through to the prize.

Although not the finest omelette everything on the plate was hot and of good quality, the chips being some of the best I have ever had. If anybody were to travel to eat good chips, this would be the place I would recommend travelling to.

The Chalet Cafe, Cowfold - Large breakfast with extra hashInitially a threat and a chore, the chips were the best bit of the breakfast and dunked in beans I was more than happy. I wish I had something else to balance it all out with a bit of flavour, as the omelette was a bit bland and ended up more of an afterthought. Next time (and there will be a next time) I'll be attacking one of those Large breakfasts that sat opposite me on the table, maybe with a side order of chips!

Ingredient Quality: ★★★☆☆
Portion Size: ★★★★★
Value For Money: ★★★★½
Service: ★★★★☆
Overall: ★★★★☆