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The Cabin, Faygate

The Cabin [map]
A264 Crawley Road
Faygate, Horsham, West Sussex
RH12 4SE
01293 851 575

Last Visited: March 2010

An award winning transport cafe and very popular with truckers and locals alike.  Big portions and low prices.

Opening Times: Mon-Thurs 06.30am--20.00pm. Friday 06.30am--14.00pm ... Sat 07.00am--12.00pm.

Breakfast Prices: From £4.30 for the 'Scania' to £6.30, for 'The Man'.  The double Axel at £5.30 is great value

The Cabin Cafe, Faygate - The Scania Breakfastteamilkonesugar:

Eaten: Scania

After some time delibertaing over what to eat I settled for the Scania, the intro level breakfast. It was a nice touch that the breakfast weren't numbered but named after trucks. The food however when the breakfast arrived it was the standard low-to-middling-cash-and-carry-wholesaler variety of salty bacon, a basic catering sausage and non-heinz baked beans. Having said all that, what more do you expect or want for £4.30.

It was hot, came with two slices of white bread and butter and a cup of builder's (or trucker's) tea. Noticed a hand written sign on the back of the coffee machine stating that brown bread was now available. For the health conscious obviously.

Mr No Eggs:

Breakfast: Twin Axel with extra Black Pudding

Back in the day, when it was still called the Juggernaut I had what I still believe was, aside from at my Nan’s house, the best bacon butty ever.  I don’t know if it was the tea in a FC Schalke mug or the smell of real work in the air that made it taste so good, but all I can say was that it tasted like perfection and I was worried about going back as I did not want my fond memory of the place tainted.

The Cabin Cafe, Faygate

I needn’t have worried!  New name (well it’s a few years old now), but still a great place to go for breakfast!  The cafe itself doubles as a Truck-stop and as trucker’s love their food. Breakfasts can be bought “out of regular” hours and therefore do not fall under the less, but you pay-more category of “all-day”.  The breakfasts are fondly named after all things trucky; Scania, Twin-Axel and ‘The Man’ (Grrrrrrr!) and are portioned to keep a trucker going all through their long journeys.

Ordered, plated and served in under 5 minutes, the breakfast was engine-hot and of great quality.  Fresh bread for toast made the difference and the flavour of the bacon and crunch of the hashbrowns are worth a special mention.   The extra item ordered, black pudding of course, brought me four slices and my happiest moment of 2010 so far!  Getting greedy for a minute, the ‘Twin-axel’ breakfast is even bigger than ‘The Man’ and I would highly recommend this if you have a full day ahead.

This is a real cafe for real men and I must admit that I felt as little out of place and even scared walking in.   If I was handing out an award for the most intimidating breakfast venue it would easily go to the Cabin, but please don’t let this put you off as Truckers don’t bite and if it’s good enough for these fine men and women, it’s good enough for me!

Big Keith:

I choose to stop at the Cabin on the a281, dropping my rig down into 4th gear I turn into the car park which appears to have been hit by a recent mortar strike but my hydraulic chair keeps me bouncing away to White Snake on the stereo. With the hiss of my air brakes I drop from the cab and head into the cafe.

The Cabin Cafe, Faygate - The Twin Axel BreakfastIt appears to have been last decorated during Thatchers mighty reign. A silent tv showing Loose Women and newspaper cuttings on the wall tell me this is my kind of place. I eye up the menu and attempt to find the largest breakfast available, appropriately named "MAN". Good, because thats what I am, and that's what I'll be ordering. I ask the friendly lady for a "Number 4" as I'm not about to ask for a MAN in public. A tea is dispensed in front of me with a sneaky sleight of hand, as if it had been waiting for me there all along, clutching the small cup I make my way to a single-unit-table-and-chairs that bends under me.

With barely enough time for me to make myself comfortable my food has arrived with a shout of "86!" in my ear before I have had time to confirm my number.

The plate is large, the chips previously frozen and the beans definitely tasting of vinegar. A spongy sausage that is more closely related to the two slices of bread on the second plate just delivered sits on top of a couple of rashers of bacon that make me grunt in delight. I devour the meal before Loose Women gets to the adverts and down my tea.

As I make my way back to the truck, I feel full, but like something is missing. Some love, a bit of effort and something not bought at the cash and carry by the pallet load.

Ingredient Quality: ★★½☆☆
Portion Size: ★★★★☆
Value For Money: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★☆☆
Overall: ★★★½☆