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The Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach

The Bluebird Cafe [map]Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach
The Strand
Ferring Beach, Worthing,
West Sussex, BN12 5QX
01903 503 033

Last Visited: February 2010

Situated right on the sea front at Ferring, the Bluebird Café is in a perfect location for the hordes of dog walkers, joggers and those people just out for a lazy stroll on the beach. This isn't just your local greasy spoon caff but an attractive seaside eatery.

Opening times: Breakfast is served from 08:00am to 11:45am, 7 days a week.  Though the cafe is open later than this and there is an all-day breakfast option.

Breakfast Price: Prices range from £2.95 (Beans on 2 Toasts) to £6.50 (Bluebird Special Breakfast),a vegetarian breakfast is also on offer.

Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach - Special with no mushroomsMr Bean:

Breakfast: Bluebird Special (No mushrooms)

After a brisk coastal stroll from the seafront carpark at Ferring gap, we arrived at the cafe. The Cafe itself was modern and clean and would certainly not enter the greasy spoon category.

On arrival I ordered the Bluebird Special  and an orange juice and after a very short wait a well presented plate arrived. The food was excellently prepared in the fashion you would expect from an up market cafe. The egg was well constructed and there was a welcome lack of grease, sausages and bacon cooked to perfection aided by just the correct amount of beans for such portion sizes. Credit should go to the operative who made the toast, on the money!

My only gripe would be with the Bluebird would be the portion sizes. Although the food was excellent the portion sizes were on the small side and I could have quite easily eaten the same again. For £6.50 I found the value for money to be lower than expected. Over all it was an enjoyable experience, with good food in a venue suitable for the beach walkers and surfer types alike.

Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach - Beachcomber Breakfast with extra black puddingSalman_Rosti:

Breakfast: Bluebird Special Breakfast

Today I went for the Bluebird Special Breakfast, £6.50 for a mouth watering 2 bacon, 2 sausage, beans, mushroom, chips & fried tomato. After a not unreasonable 10 minute wait for the food, it was delivered hot and quite obviously freshly cooked. The bacon was spot on & not too fatty, sausages were of a very good standard & my personal highlight of the meal. The chips were cooked to perfection (though they did look a little overdone at first), crispy on the outside & light & fluffy in the middle, just how a chip should be. The menu is vast with a good selection of breakfasts and a decent looking all-day menu. The only minor quibble for me was that they forgot one of my fellow co-diners extra portion of black pudding which he had to ask for and wait an extra few minutes for but they got there in the end.

The portions aren't of the “I can't possibly move after eating that” Gut Buster style and yet, not so small that you don't feel satisfied afterwards and it's good to be able to go for a nice stroll on the beach after to work off some of your hearty meal, especially during those summer months (or should I say days).

Generally a very nice, well presented café with friendly staff and a good selection for all tastes. If I am ever in the area in the future, I would certainly pop in for a bite to eat.

Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach - Dog RulesMr No Eggs:

Breakfast: Bluebird Special

Set away from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis that is Worthing this is a cafe that you can relax in, so much so that dogs are even allowed in the cafe.  The Bluebird is not a traditional greasy spoon and because of its beachside US west coast style it exudes a bohemian vibe.  The quality of the breakfast was high with each individual item having flavour and unique appeal.  The sausages were well grilled and had a crunchy outer skin and an appealing taste and with the potatoes wedges following suit, the trip had really soared to great heights.

The Bluebird appeals to me as both a picturesque and satisfying cafe and certainly made me feel better. However the only downside to our seaside jolly-up was that the divide between quality and quantity was too wide.  Although two sausages and bacon were provided, for the high price (£6.50) more potatoes, beans and perhaps a drink (OJ or a tea) could have been included.  Saying that, this small issue would not deter me from coming back and this cafe would be perfect on a summers morning.

Ingredient Quality: ★★★★☆
Portion Size: ★★★☆☆
Value For Money: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Overall: ★★★½☆