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The Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach

The Bluebird Cafe [map]Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach
The Strand
Ferring Beach, Worthing,
West Sussex, BN12 5QX
01903 503 033

Last Visited: February 2010

Situated right on the sea front at Ferring, the Bluebird Café is in a perfect location for the hordes of dog walkers, joggers and those people just out for a lazy stroll on the beach. This isn't just your local greasy spoon caff but an attractive seaside eatery.

Opening times: Breakfast is served from 08:00am to 11:45am, 7 days a week.  Though the cafe is open later than this and there is an all-day breakfast option.

Breakfast Price: Prices range from £2.95 (Beans on 2 Toasts) to £6.50 (Bluebird Special Breakfast),a vegetarian breakfast is also on offer.

Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach - Special with no mushroomsMr Bean:

Breakfast: Bluebird Special (No mushrooms)

After a brisk coastal stroll from the seafront carpark at Ferring gap, we arrived at the cafe. The Cafe itself was modern and clean and would certainly not enter the greasy spoon category.

On arrival I ordered the Bluebird Special  and an orange juice and after a very short wait a well presented plate arrived. The food was excellently prepared in the fashion you would expect from an up market cafe. The egg was well constructed and there was a welcome lack of grease, sausages and bacon cooked to perfection aided by just the correct amount of beans for such portion sizes. Credit should go to the operative who made the toast, on the money!

My only gripe would be with the Bluebird would be the portion sizes. Although the food was excellent the portion sizes were on the small side and I could have quite easily eaten the same again. For £6.50 I found the value for money to be lower than expected. Over all it was an enjoyable experience, with good food in a venue suitable for the beach walkers and surfer types alike.

Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach - Beachcomber Breakfast with extra black puddingSalman_Rosti:

Breakfast: Bluebird Special Breakfast

Today I went for the Bluebird Special Breakfast, £6.50 for a mouth watering 2 bacon, 2 sausage, beans, mushroom, chips & fried tomato. After a not unreasonable 10 minute wait for the food, it was delivered hot and quite obviously freshly cooked. The bacon was spot on & not too fatty, sausages were of a very good standard & my personal highlight of the meal. The chips were cooked to perfection (though they did look a little overdone at first), crispy on the outside & light & fluffy in the middle, just how a chip should be. The menu is vast with a good selection of breakfasts and a decent looking all-day menu. The only minor quibble for me was that they forgot one of my fellow co-diners extra portion of black pudding which he had to ask for and wait an extra few minutes for but they got there in the end.

The portions aren't of the “I can't possibly move after eating that” Gut Buster style and yet, not so small that you don't feel satisfied afterwards and it's good to be able to go for a nice stroll on the beach after to work off some of your hearty meal, especially during those summer months (or should I say days).

Generally a very nice, well presented café with friendly staff and a good selection for all tastes. If I am ever in the area in the future, I would certainly pop in for a bite to eat.

Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach - Dog RulesMr No Eggs:

Breakfast: Bluebird Special

Set away from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis that is Worthing this is a cafe that you can relax in, so much so that dogs are even allowed in the cafe.  The Bluebird is not a traditional greasy spoon and because of its beachside US west coast style it exudes a bohemian vibe.  The quality of the breakfast was high with each individual item having flavour and unique appeal.  The sausages were well grilled and had a crunchy outer skin and an appealing taste and with the potatoes wedges following suit, the trip had really soared to great heights.

The Bluebird appeals to me as both a picturesque and satisfying cafe and certainly made me feel better. However the only downside to our seaside jolly-up was that the divide between quality and quantity was too wide.  Although two sausages and bacon were provided, for the high price (£6.50) more potatoes, beans and perhaps a drink (OJ or a tea) could have been included.  Saying that, this small issue would not deter me from coming back and this cafe would be perfect on a summers morning.

Ingredient Quality: ★★★★☆
Portion Size: ★★★☆☆
Value For Money: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Overall: ★★★½☆

  • Mr. Chipolata

    Sausages looked good! I’ll have to make an extra curriculum trip as it looks like I missed out on some quality grub!

  • Liz Tuffnail

    Extremely dissapointed with the service and quality of food.

    Waited to be served for 15 minutes at the counter, service very slow due to only one person taking orders, making drinks and taking cash.
    Cake selection very poor and depleted and not at all appetising.

    Waited a further 25 minutes for a panini only to find that when it was delivered it had MOULD spots on the top, looked on the underneath to see lots of mould growing. Took the panini back and was very dissapointed at the lack of concern.

    I am not a fussy person but mouldy paninis and the fact that nobody from the kitchen saw this during the preparation just adds concern to the overall kitchen hygiene and standards.

    Would not recommend this at all the overall experience pretty shocking.

  • Mr. Chipolata

    Hi Liz,

    That does sound pretty poor indeed. As you can tell from our review that wasn’t our experience, we were quite impressed by the quality of the food at the time.

    Slow service is excusable if they were low on staff but mouldy bread shouldn’t be anywhere near a plate served to customers.

    Thanks for your comment,
    Mr Chipolata

  • Jasper

    We went to the Bluebird yesterday lunchtime and it will definitely be our last visit – we used to be regulars. Four of us ordered the Cod and Chips at its new rather shocking price of £9.40 (used to be about £7 from what I remember) with an extra £1 for mushy peas. The first two came out and they looked great – two large pieces of cod though the peas were a very small portion served in a ramekin. 5 minutes later two more portions came out, but this time the fish was literally half the size of our friends, two small portions. We immediately said the the server that we weren’t happy to pay £9.40 for a small portion of cod and a rather meagre portion of chips. He reappeared 5 minutes later STILL carrying the same plates informing us that the chief said they were thicker and therefore the same size – they were not as our friends still had theirs sat there. We got our money back.

    I then remember the last time we visited – I paid £9 for a fish pie advertised to have scallops and king prawns in as well as fresh fish. I complained at the time as it only had a couple of small pieces of white fish. Again the chief wasn’t really interested and but offer a free pudding.

    Its was a very warm sunny day in the easter holidays but the place wasn’t even half full. We went along to the other cafe on the beach in Goring for ice cream and the place was packed – maybe it’s not just us that think the Bluebird is overpriced and that the staff / owners simply don’t care about customers any more.


    • Mr. No Eggs

      Hi Jasper,

      We’ve heard mixed reviews about the cafe over the last few weeks, all from (now former) regular customers. Even family members have commented on their trips. Think it may be time for a re-review and see how it compares to when we last visited.

      Please keep an eye on our twitter account and we’ll let you know when we head back.

      Thanks for your comment
      Mr NoEggs

  • Sarah Erskine

    Visited Good Friday 22 April 2011.

    We used to be regulars here, but I won’t be visiting again. We arrived for breakfast this morning, ordering three set breakfasts and a round of TOAST. We waited an age, even though, amazingly, the place wasn’t busy ~ it used to be packed. It finally arrived, with bread and margarine on each plate instead of toast. The waiter explained that a power fault meant no toast. Fair enough, but why weren’t we told when we ordered? My meal consisted of 2 small field mushrooms, one tomato and 2 slices bread and marg for £4.50. I approached the counter and gently suggested that we should have been told when we ordered. The senior blonde-haired member of staff said she had been round and told everyone. No, she hadn’t, at least not while we had been sitting there with only 6 other people in the place. I suggested 2 coffees by way of recompense (but she would only offer bitter filter rather than a decent latte) and her attitude was not at all customer orientated. I do not complain easily, and nobody can help a power cut, but the way it was handled was extremely poor. And I do feel that the Bluebird is now taking advantage of a great location and creaming money without caring. To see same lady driving away in her convertible BMW said it all! Farewell Bluebird. I’ll take a flask and a BBQ from now on.

    • Mr. Chipolata

      Hi Sarah,

      It certainly seems to be going that way, unfortunate too as they have quite the monopoly on the location.

      There are plenty of alternatives not too far away if you fancied a short drive, though we’ve yet to review more places in the area. Check out our map page for more cafes.

      If there are other cafes you could recommend in the area we’d like to know about them.

      Mr Chipolata

  • Kelly

    I went there yesterday morning and had the bluebird speacial breakfast, lovely atmosphere and views, food was perfect and lovely to just step out onto the beach to the fresh sea air! Definately go again!

    • Mr. No Eggs

      Hi Kelly,

      Glad you had a good experience, we’ll be back soon to see how it compares to our last visit

      Mr NoEggs

  • Sue

    I was a bit aprehensive, having seen some old reviews about the food and service. But I need not have worried! The food was good (and the price was fine) and the service was friendly and prompt when I visited on 23 May 2011. Couldn’t sit outside as the weather was quite cold and windy :-(, but we were cosy inside. I had a tuna jacket spud with salad and the finishing touches of lemon juice and chives was very nice. Lots of filling and butter on the jacket spud too. My friend had a tasty fry up- the chip I tasted was really good, not like some horrid chips you get elsewhere. We were left alone to chat after eating and then went back for coffee and cakes. The cake selection was great, I found it difficult to choose from delicious looking strawberry cake, various flapjacks and homemade bars, belgian buns and more. The St Clements cake I had was excellent- moist and really orangey! In all a first class cafe! The only thing I’d change is the wooden seats. They could have done with some cushions on them. But then, perhaps that’s because we were sat on them chatting for two and a half hours!!! 🙂

  • I produce a magazine on behalf of Dogfriendly and a reader has recommended the cafe – I’m not sure now whether I should include it in the June edition which I’m finishing this week as the comments seem rather mixed

    I like this website by the way

    And anyone with dogs who’d like to write an article – it would be gratefully received.
    Please, if you get a chance, can Mr No Eggs email me



  • Mr Tinsel Stick

    It’s been a couple of years since we visited the Bluebird and the interior decor is much improved and attractive. Yesterday lunchtime was busy and we joined a long queue. It was chaos! The 2 young people behind the counter hadn’t really got much clue and the kitchen was either heoplessly understaffed or just plain disorganised. We only ordered soup. We waited (along with everyone else for about 20 – 30 minutes.) Whilst we don’t want to jump the ‘kitchen queue’ may we make 3 suggestions? Have a mature and experienced adult ‘manage’ the Cafe at all times and offer a much higher standard of staff training. Have more than one responsible person on duty in the kitchen itself so that one could concentrate on the orders for full meals whilst the other could, within a minute or two, serve the simple items such as a bowl of soup!!!! Not rocket science.
    Like others, we shan’t be keen to repeat this visit, prefering the greater organsiation and cheaper prices at Sea Lane Cafe down the road.

  • Irena Vickers

    This lovely cafe is right on the beach and the food is delicious. It has a very welcoming atmosphere with locals, walkers, and well behaved owners and their dogs giving it that homely feeling. In the summer you can sit inside and out and once you find it there are usually plenty of parking spaces available.

  • Mr.B

    I have been a loyal Bluebird customer for many years now and I attended the cafe a few weeks ago back in January. The food has been outstanding and the service always superb. Let’s just say my experience this time was quite the opposite. I have never reviewed a business before and I am not one to complain but this I felt I had to share. I am going to be very honest and to the point.

    Whilst waiting in the queue, which i wasn’t bothered about, I observed the waitresses deal with some very awkward customers. Some of them were most rude and unnecessarily sarcastic. I have to say, I have great respect for the young girls standing behind the counter for what they have to put up with. I’m sure they’re only trying to earn a little money and they seemed to be doing such a good job!

    After me and my family had chosen our lunch from the extensive menu I stood in the queue and looked into the open and ‘somewhat messy’ kitchen. I understand they were very busy so maybe the mess was accountable for but from a customers point of view the food preparation areas did not look at all appealing. The ‘chefs’ seemed surprisingly young, no older than about 16 or 17 and had little interest in the orders which were being sent through to them which possibly explained the 35 minute wait which I was informed of once I reached the counter. The senior chef appeared to be heavily under the influence and staggered around the kitchen with about as much interest in the food orders as the younger chefs. I was then told by the young waitress that they had run out of half of the items on the menu which then appeared very depleted. Nothing seemed very organised!

    I eventually ordered our food and joined my family at the table we had managed to find in the cramped indoor seating area. The table was dirty and had tomato sauce strewn across it from the previous diners. 15 minutes passed and the table and surrounding window sills had still not been cleared of trays of dirty crockery, so my son and I cleared them ourselves. After sifting through the cutlery boxes I finally found a few clean knives and forks from the many dirty sets in there. The food arrived in a little over half an hour in dribs and drabs but my daughter had finished her entire meal by the time I received my fish & chips. The small side of mushy peas which i ordered then finally arrived 5 minutes after my meal was delivered and not exactly hot! My wife tucked into her salad only to find it was missing the crushed walnuts and came with a completely different dressing to the garlic and herb dressing which was advertised.

    It seems so sad to have seen the Bluebird in its prime for many years and then to return just a few months after my last visit to such a shambles. I really hope somebody points this out to the owners/management as the views of the other customers seemed to be very similar to my own. I find it so hard to put somebody’s business down but maybe this review is what it takes to make them open their eyes a little and bring the Bluebird back to what is was.

  • Megan

    Went to the bluebird on Easter Sunday (2012) and had outstanding service from both the young waiters who were serving. They’re so friendly and helpful, they really made an effort and added to our enjoyment there. Thanks guys!!

  • CJ

    Last year (2011) the Bluebird served what was probably the best plate of fish and chips I’d ever had. I really noticed the difference – it would even be good enough to recommend to Mr Winner. Today, May 7th Bank Holiday Monday we turned up at just before 2:00pm. The place was buzzing- about 2/3rds full and a short queue to order 3 Haddock and Chips. A short wait (~10 minutes) and the fish and chips were again superb. Freshly cooked fish in an excellent light batter; piping hot and lovely crisp chips with fresh mixed leaf salad. tomato, a little onion, lemon wedge and a pot of tasty tartare sauce and extra mushy peas as an option. Quality condiments on the tables (Heinz, HP and Hellmans (and mustard) in bottles) plus china cruet. The wooden tables were wiped; the cutlery clean and the girls serving were all friendly, relaxed and helpful. Everyone seemed to be happy and be having a good time. I felt it was good value for the quality and location. Well behaved dogs are allowed. It was raining when we went in and it was sunny when we left – pretty much well how we felt – very good and well set up for a long and pleasant walk along the beach path. We’d travelled down from Oxford for that lunch and I’d be happy to give breakfast a try!! Many thanks to the team at Bluebird – we had an great time and will return – but the quality and standards must be maintained. Well done!!

  • David Shelton

    Breakfasts excellent but lunches can seem less good value with cold drinks more expensive than normal @W.Sussex!

  • Bill

    Great food and service. The breakfast is fantastic with Vegi options as well. Go try it but be warned its popular.

  • Mike riggs

    Just a few words to say my wife Sam my daugther went to the beach with our dogs
    For a nice trip down the coast as we come from surrey
    We have heard about your cafe so we thought we would try it out I was taken a back
    About the menu.the different types. Of food on offer and the quality was just out standing and the staff was so polite and very helpful
    The meal I had was of a very hight standard
    Just to thank you and if we are in the area we will be back
    Thank you Mike Riggs

  • june

    Prices to high and thought I had a kids dinner so small !!! Won’t be bk

  • Dan bell

    Servos fantastic for a family run business