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Julia’s Kitchen, Findon

Julia's Kitchen
5 Nepcote Parade
Nepcote lane
West sussex
BN14 0SE

Tel: 01903 873550

Opening Hours:  8.30am-4pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am-3pm Saturday.

Last Visited: June 2012

Visiting a cafe on opening day is always an exciting experience and in the case of our visit to Julia’s Kitchen, it was an unexpected one too!  Here’s what we thought of this new cafe in this delightful West Sussex village.

Balloons, people bustling, “now open” signs strategically placed on all available space.  The clues were all there, but it still took me 15 minutes to piece them all together.  A Saturday morning visit to the picturesque village of Findon, located just off the A24 outside Mrs NoEggs hometown of Worthing, gave us the opportunity to see how this small community would take to a dainty, "Cath Kidston"-esque tearoom.  The answer was quite simply, like a duck to water.

Walking in under spotty bunting we were immediately struck by how much this establishment would offer the local community.  It is a combination of a deli, local shop and tea room, all wrapped up in a hand-crafted bundle. We had the most tempting seat going, in the window just in front of the counter.  With freshly made in-house cakes, fresh bread and deli goods just inches away we needed the breakfast menu to distract us.  It did its job to great effect.

The breakfast menu on offer perfectly reflected the setup of the cafe and the clientele who would be attending.  With all ingredients sourced from local producers (where possible) their menu offered a Traditional Breakfast fry-up, a vegetarian option, a child’s breakfast, cereal, toast and combinations of breakfast sandwiches.  All perfect for the scale of the cafe.  Any more would be too time consuming and more importantly, detract customers from trying the cake on offer!

After much deliberation, I opted for the Full English and Mrs NoEggs for a sausage sandwich (plus an egg donation from me).  After a very short wait, during which we chatted to the friendly owners, our breakfasts arrived.  The use of warm plates was greeted with a big smile from Mrs NoEggs. She does love a warm plate!  The smile on my face at the arrival of my breakfast equaled hers.  Two rashers of butchers quality bacon, an equally meaty and juicy Peckham Butchers sausage, superb sliced fried mushrooms & a juicy roasted tomato half, all met with my stomachs approval.  All items were well cooked and the pressure of opening day was not evident as they all came out to perfection.

Mrs NoEggs was also delighted with the quality of the wholemeal bread used for her sandwich.  Another bonus point came from the warmed plates on which the breakfast was served. This meant that the beans stayed warm throughout until my final slice of toast mopped up the last drop.  The toast delivery (two slices) in a toast rack was a great spectacle and another U.S.P.  Tea was served in a dainty pot and matching cup, whilst my cappuccino packed a caffeine punch.

The only “negative” with the whole experience was that I was forced to think about what could have been if I had just succumbed and ordered a slice of the delicious looking strawberry cake (priced at a very good £1.50 per slice) and 20 of the heavenly cupcakes (only 90p each, £1 less than some Brighton cafes) instead of my fry up.  I blame my dedication to the cause. Stupid website!

The first year for any cafe is a difficult time.  Since we started we've seen seen many promising cafes, and some established ones too, close their doors far too early.  But with well wishing local residents flooding through the doors and a great location just off the A24, the days ahead look bright for this one. The staff were a joy to be around and with the food as high quality as anything found around the county, we’ll be back for more breakfasts and cake in the very near future.

Mr NoEggs

  • Tiffany

    Thankyou for the great review, my mum julia almost cried she was so thrilled and overwhelmed! This makes the hard work worthwhile and all the hours spent finding the perfect bacon and sausages well spent!
    The only thing is our address is:
    5 nepcote parade
    Nepcote lane
    West sussex

    Tel: 01903 873550

    The wrong address was more than likely my fault!

    Thankyou so so much for such a fantastic review and i can definitely say from all the family that we are so pleased you enjoyed it!

    Thank you again! So chuffed


  • Angela Pyatt

    After having had a wonderful walk in the area a week ago a friend and I returned to Julia’s Kitchen to find new owners. What a welcome, the bright decor and friendliness were amazing and although we only had a light lunch were very pleased with the food and service. We will certainly return and am quite sure Julia’s Kitchen will be a great success.

  • Angela Pyatt

    See this should have been a review on ‘Breakfasts’ never mind!

  • Glynis Bacon

    congratulation’s Julia, wish you great success in your now kitchen shop. When we visit Debbie we will certainly come by.
    Glynis ( Debbie’s Auntie) xx

  • Judith

    Are you able to do gluten free breakfasts?

  • Daniel Coleman

    Had a wonderful lunch this afternoon with my other half, her sister and our sleeping baby boy. Will be back for more especially as the fried food is served all day! 10/10

  • Tony B

    A decent enough place which I would recommend. But my Ploughman’s Lunch came with dull white sliced bread and grated cheese. Where’s the crusty bread and a hunk of cheese?! Also, the toilet room was a bit on the un-loved side.

  • Jan Beeson

    Having visited this cafe some months ago, and enjoying a nice afternoon tea & cake, we decided to go back last weekend, on Sunday. I have to report that the cafe is not open on Sundays, as mentioned at the top of these reviews. We were a bit disappointed, but will go back sometime, but on a week-day.