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Sea Lane Cafe, Goring by Sea

Sea Lane Cafe [map]
Marine Crescent
Goring by Sea, Worthing
BN12 4HR
Tel:  01903 247847

Opening Hours:  Summer: 8.30am-6.30 pm, Winter : 8.30-4pm'  and the rest of the year 8.30am  til 5pm.

Last Visited:  July 2011

The phrase "Prime location" does not justify how perfect this is for a breakfast venue.  Not another cafe around for a mile, ample parking outside (street parking is free, so avoid the park car-park) and seemingly every dog walker and beach dweller in the area passing.


As a bit of background to my mutterings, I have to admit that this place will always have a place in my heart.  For nearly 25 years we've been visiting with family, in many ways it's still the same place I visited all those years ago.  Their tried and tested counter-ordering and booth seating, in my memory, have always been the same and despite it being just 9:30am on a wet and windy Sunday morning it was as busy as ever.  Luck of the draw gave us the best seats; a booth with a perfect view of the wonderful coastline outside.

The menu had a number of variations on the standard fry-up, varying in size and combination.  #1: egg, bacon & fried bread- £3.80; being the smallest and #4 (what I ordered) : Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Fried Bread, Tomato and Beans; the biggest.  Aside from traditional favourites, beans/scrambled egg on toast, or fried sandwich options, you are limited to just fry-ups, Ham and Eggs on toast (#5) or a Veggie option (#6). Though the home baked cake selection displayed on the counter will test your resolve and may result in a last minute change of mind.

The line at the counter to order was long, but passed quickly as the staff took food orders and made drinks without any delay, clearly used to the everyday bustle.  My latte, ground and prepared lovingly in front of me was as good as any I’ve had recently and warmed my cockles on a very un-summery day. Then, as quickly as we were served at the counter, our breakfasts were brought out to us. When the going gets tough, they can certainly plate up amongst the quickest of them, a few other places we have visited in the past can learn from these guys.

Although the quantity of the breakfast was enough for the price (£6.60), it was clear that the quality did not match their drinks. This was a breakfast unfortunately stuck in decades past.  A very traditional fry-up, the ingredients used were hearty but of poor standard and presented as they must have done thousands of times over the years, with very little flair.  The plain banger was crisply cooked and sat on a sea of beans alongside the bacon, which although acceptable, was nothing to write home about. The fried bread day that was also particularly hard going. However Mrs NoEggs told me that the eggs were very well cooked with the yolk runny and the white well fried.  To their credit it was well cooked and delivered piping hot though the price seemed to contribute more to the overheads than the ingredient quality (with a drink it was just shy of £10).

Due to the price the food here just did not match up to similar cafes such as Ferring’s Blue Bird Cafe (despite recent comments). Even my barber in Horsham, a Worthing resident, mentioned that it was very expensive. Still, this place will always be special to me and I’m sure I'll be back. The location is superb, the In-Laws live near-by and the breakfast, despite my moans, was warm and filling.  Also, what other cafe reminds you to take off your wet suit before you enter!

N.B - The toilets for the cafe are under the cafe in the rear and to get to them, unless I went the long way, you have to go out of the cafe and round to them.  The cafe also has no wheelchair access so getting push chairs in or access for the elderly/disabled may take a while especially if a bathroom break is required urgently.  I would sit outside and wear layers if you visit the toilet frequently!

Mr NoEggs