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Taste Deli, Henfield

Taste Deli
Brook House
High Street
Henfield, BN5 9DD
Tel:  01273 495551

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 4.30pm
and Sundays for breakfast 9.30am to 12 noon

Last Visited: February 2012

During a chance visit to Henfield we stopped in Taste Deli for a coffee after meandering down the high street. On our way out we realised a second visit was needed; spotting their breakfast menu at the last minute. Never one to turn down a breakfast we revisited months later, the results of both visits you will find below.

I happened upon the Taste Deli whilst looking for a cup of coffee early on a December morning before meeting friends. The shops were busy preparing for the expected mid-morning rush when people finally emerged from under the duvets and I was intent on getting out of the cold. At the southern end of the high street sits an independent coffee shop; a welcome sight after seeing all the chains appearing in villages around the county.

With seating for around 30 this café can easily cope with the rush, so is an ideal escape if the weather turns against you or if you are with a large group.  I settled into one of the many seats and ordered a latte from the cheerful owner.  The free trade blend used for the latte was of a good quality, It didn't quite have the intense flavour of some, but it did warm me on what was a very cold day. I couldn't help but be impressed with what a little find this café was. The style of the interior is similar to many modern cafés; rustic wooden tables and chairs and a counter topped with cakey delights.
Apart from drinks and the cakes on the counter, the café also offered a full sandwich menu, but I couldn't see a mention of anything to be eaten before midday, which seemed weird. What I had not seen when I had chosen my table was a very obvious breakfast board directly behind my seat and above my head. If only I'd known, I could have had a cheeky pre-breakfast, but that would have deprived me of my return trip!

Returning on a quiet Friday morning in February we settled into the same table. The menu for the café was a short affair, but full of the staples. A fry-up, scrambled eggs with salmon, French toast, pastries and beans/scrambled eggs on Toast. After Mrs NoEggs finally finished chortling about me missing this the first time, we both ordered a Full English. The owner also remembered my drink order from my last visit which was a very nice personal touch.

Our breakfasts, on this quiet weekday morning, were cooked to order.  The sausages were the highlight of the breakfast and were crunchy on the outside and I had another provided instead of my fried egg. The bacon, though crispy, was of a thicker cut and made a good bacon sarnie in one of the two thick cut slices of toast which came with each breakfast. Though I was certainly more pleased with what arrived than the Mrs; claiming "it wasn't very exciting and just a 'paint by numbers' breakfast".

The breakfast itself was very simple, with no mushrooms, tomato, black pudding or potato included, nor available as extras. At £6.50, with toast and tea/coffee, not a bad deal but not the cheapest; Truffles café in the village offers the same deal for less (£4.95 before 10:30am and £5.95 after this time).

To the defence of the café and her breakfast, my faithful female companion does offer them hope, "breakfast is not the be-all and end-all of a cafe", she says. Quite rightly in this instance; the lovely interior, relaxing atmosphere (and various interior decorating & lifestyle magazines) might mean more to some people and on that day certainly met her approval. This I think will see us visiting again when we head back to this lovely Sussex village, though perhaps we'll have breakfast across the road.

Mr NoEggs