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Truffles, Henfield

High St
Henfield, West Sussex
Tel:  01273 494469

Last Visited: December 2011

Another weekend and another visit to an idyllic Sussex village.  This time we've headed to one of county's cafe/bakery chains to experience their take on breakfast.  The question is will they let in a man wearing full Lycra?


Best timed bacon sarnie of 2011?

After a week of watching the long term forecast hoping Saturday morning would decent weather for a bike ride, I woke up to clear blue skies and no sign of cloud. So quick text to Mr NoEggs “meet you in Henfield for breakfast” I headed north over the Downs. A little while later (I’m not saying how much) I met Mr NE on Henfield High Street.  After a quick scout around, and decision made not to head further north to The Chalet (c’mon, I had to ride home afterwards as well) we entered Truffles.

After a slight comedic walk through the shop (you try walking on ceramic tiles and wooden floor boards in cycling shoes) we opted for a table near the kitchen door. It was freezing outside so a cuppa and a bacon sarnie were order of the day. And first thing sited on menu was Bacon Sarnie and a cuppa for £3.60. That’s me sorted then.

Bacon sarnie arrived at the same time as Mr NE’s rather fine looking breakfast, and if I hadn't needed to cycle home a full breakfast would have been sat in front of me too. My sarnie was also looked extremely good, chunky granary bread with thick grilled bacon between, and a side of salad. Once a pot of brown sauce was delivered to the table the various ingredients were re-arranged into a lovely BLTC (the C stands for cress). This was duly snaffled down whilst stealing mushrooms from Mr NoEgg’s plate.

So, why was this the best timed bacon sarnie of the year? Because once we got back outside about 30 minutes later it was clear that it had absolutely chucked it down with rain. Now as much as I can cope with cycling in the cold weather I distinctly despise cycling in rain. The sky was still grey but it was moving fast and I could see blue bits.  By the time I got to Upper Beeding (flatter route home via Small Dole, Bramber, outskirts of Steyning, back end of Shoreham Airport and coast rode – will tail wind, excellent) the skies were clear blue again.  Good ride, good sarnie and good company. A nice start to the weekend.

Now I've just got to clean my bike.


Mr NoEggs:

In Billingshurst and Horsham I have seen this Sussex based chain open up in close proximity to established local bakers.  So in the past I have been sceptical over visiting, preferring instead to stay with the independents where I can.  But in the name of the site I thought I would try it.  What I found was a very affordable and pleasant experience.

Their Breakfast menu, though not the biggest we’ve seen, matched what I expect to be the requirements of the clientele and the capacity of the kitchen.  Two sizes of fry-up were on offer (the bigger had a before (£4.95) and after 10:30am (£5.95) price), Bacon/Sausage Sandwiches with Tea/Coffee, Scrambled Eggs on Toast, cereals and a make-your-own breakfast option.  The menu felt that the considerations of their patrons had been taken into account and they had ensured that no-one was left out.

From all these I opted for the largest fry-up, the ‘Early Bird Breakfast’.  Arriving early my breakfast cost just £4.95 and came with 2 bacon, sausage, beans, 2 hash browns, toast and a cup of coffee/tea.  I was supposed to also have 2 eggs, but the nice counter staff substituted them for some mushrooms and an extra bacon rasher.  I was a happy camper!

The cafe area of the bakery seats around 20 people at full capacity and was ¾ full when we arrived.  Despite the busy start to the day they were experiencing, our breakfasts arrived quickly and were piping hot.  For the price this was a great value breakfast and made me see that despite my preconceptions, a lot of thought had gone into everything I had encountered.  The thick and tasty wholegrain toast, the meaty sausages and chirpy service were the highlights of a great experience in one of Sussex’s most idyllic and welcoming villages.

*A big thank you to all the staff that posed in the window for the exterior photo, really nice to see such enthusiasm at such an early hour!