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JoJo’s Cafe, Horsham

JoJo's Cafe [map]
14 Nightingale Road,
Horsham, West Sussex
RH12 2NW
Tel: 01403 242229

Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday the cafe is open from 7am to 6pm and on Sunday's it is open from 10am - 5pm

Last Visited:  July 2011

Rising from the ashes of now-defunct 'The Lost Monkey' we return to see if this cafe, located in amongst Horsham's main transport, commerse and education areas, has elevated its self above the review of the former occupant.

Mr ChipsNGravy:

Nestled between a light industrial estate and Horsham's mainline train station, Madam Jojos is a beacon of fine dining in a traditional greasy spoon setting. The café is well appointed with bespoke artwork adorning the clean, painted walls. Patio carousels protect the al fresco diners who choose to eat in the protected patio area. Local trade is advertised with flyers on the cork board, and a decent selection of daily newspapers are available for the diners to peruse while gorging themselves on the traditional café fare. The menu is extensive, cheap and patrons are afforded great flexibility in ordering away from the set breakfasts.

The set breakfasts are outstanding value – a “light breakfast” will come with two rashers of bacon, an egg, a sausage, baked beans, a hash brown, mushrooms, toast (buttered) and a mug or tea or coffee. The presentation is neat and unpretentious. The bacon is of high quality, as is the pork and herb sausage. The hash-brown is undoubtedly the highlight of this platter – an exceptionally premium item. This breakfast costs just £4.50. This is outstanding value for a truly outstanding breakfast. Madam JoJo’s is highly recommended; I would be as bold as to state that this eatery is currently top of the pile in the Horsham area.

Mr NoEggs:

Entering JoJo’s cafe the decor reminded me of our visit a year and a half before; although it was not a disappointing breakfast (Mrs NoEggs still says it was one of her favourites) I saw it as a missed opportunity as the cafe was trying to be a number of different things at the same time.  It wanted to be a cafe, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bistro and an arts centre all at the same time. The phrase, ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’, came to mind.  From glancing at their new menu, it was clear that this had been resolved and a new approach taken.

Joining the gang in ordering the light breakfast (but with extra black pudding) this was only “light” in name.  For just £5.50 (£4.50 and £1 extra for the black pudding) I received a large fry-up along with tea and toast.  I was to be full for the rest of the day!  The ingredients were above catering standard, with the sausage surprising me for the high level of juicy quality.  The hash browns were also very well cooked as they had a crunch to them, without being too over cooked.  The toast, pre-buttered with salty butter, was also nice to see, though my Cholesterol may not agree 100% with this view.

I can say that this was a hearty and affordable way to start the day.  It’s strange going back to a place where you have reviewed before, but has changed its image.  JoJo’s cafe in contrast to the mixed image of The Lost Monkey has finally become what the former occupant was flirting with, a cafe.  No more was it trying to pass itself as a gastro-breakfast establishment, this was a workers cafe with a little more thought put into it.  Horsham finally has a cafe to enjoy a good breakfast in and if I’m ever waiting for a train there, I will be sure to head in to grab a cheeky fry-up.

Portion Size: ★★★½☆
Value For Money: ★★★½☆
Service: ★★★☆☆
Ingredient Quality: ★★½☆☆
Overall: ★★★☆☆