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The Comodor, Horsham

The Comodor [map]
13B West St,
West Sussex RH12 1PB

Tel: 01403 258454

Last Visited: December 2010

Pre-Review Note: To maintain professionalism throughout this review I will (try to) refrain from using any references to Lionel Ritchie or his Motown band.  It won't be easy, like a Sunday morning, but I will try!

Of all the cafés visited so far the Comodor has to go down as one of the more eccentric cafés we have experienced.  Being central Horsham's only real traditional café I have visited the Comodor regularly over the last few years and on every occasion after reading both breakfast menu's (yes, there are two!) I always have had to double check that what I’ve just read is correct.  As alongside favourites such as the traditional all-day breakfast and scrambled egg on toast sit, brace yourself, Chilli Con Carne and multiple types of Paella.  Now when I've been I have never actually seen anyone order any of these, but I hope that if anyone has the bottle to do it they will be allowed to do so (if you do try please let us know what happens).

Slightly more conventional, but still a little bit out-there, is a menu offering I would recommend to the diner who require a more hearty kick-start in the morning, the Breakfast burger (burger, bacon, sausage and an egg) and chips.  Of course as with everything else in this café it comes with a twist and this is that it comes with a side salad (sounds normal so far) and a wedge of orange.. move along, nothing to see here!

Not tempted this time by any of the more spectacular offerings on the menu we played it safe and ordered two conventional all-day breakfasts, which arrived quickly and with a smile.  The all-day breakfast served had in my opinion a 50% hit ratio.  The sausages and bacon used were of a very good quality and were full of flavour and were well above the standard I would of expected from such a small independent café.   The two slices of toast that came with the breakfast made it at £5.95 (including a hot drink) good value for money.

However this breakfast was let down by the items accompanying the meaty treats.  The lake of beans in the centre of the breakfast was far too big (a small pond would have been sufficient) and as they were only lukewarm they immediately cooled down the surrounding items.  The mushrooms and grilled tomatoes were so poor that I only attempted one bite of each before respectfully retiring.

The Comodor however recovered from these setbacks thanks to two important areas of attention, the high standard of their drinks and their service.  Where Horsham high-street is dominated by chain coffee houses and restaurants, the Comodor stands alone by offering good standard coffee and other drinks at affordable prices and in a more appreciative atmosphere.  The time and care taken to patiently produce the hot chocolate we ordered led me to pounce and take a photo as it looked so good on what was a cold and damp December morning.  The breakfast, though not outstanding in overall quality, was presented very well and the speed and friendliness of the service has to be mentioned.

I would not say that it was 'My Destiny' to find the Comodor but it's 'Easy' to see why people can become 'Stuck on (you)' this breakfast experience.  Some aspects of our trip had me 'Dancing on the Ceiling', while some had me 'Running with the night' (I'm scraping the barrel now, better finish up).  Horsham in my opinion 'Still' has no better traditional breakfast experience to offer and with all its eccentricities I must say that 'Truly' I hope that my 'Endless Love' for the place will continue.

Sorry, had to do it!

Mr NoEggs

Ingredient Quality: ★★½☆☆
Portion Size: ★★★☆☆
Value For Money: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★★½☆
Overall: ★★★☆☆