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The Conservatory Cafe, Horsham

The Conservatory Cafe [map]
Horsham Park
North Street, Horsham,
West Sussex
RH12 1RJ
Tel:  01403 259941


Opening Times:  Breakfast is served 9am to 11am daily and 9am to 1pm Sunday's.  The cafe remains open till 5pm each day for cake and other delights

Last Visited:  November 2011

Easily missed among the council buildings in Horsham town centre, this cafe guards one of the entrances to the towns wonderful park.  Would their breakfast match the beautiful surroundings?

A walk around the park with the Mrs led to us stumbling across a cafe which we have somehow failed to miss.  After such a long time of not knowing it was there, we ended up visiting twice in a week.

Our first visit was on a grey and slightly chilly Monday morning.  We intended to grab a quick drink to get some warmth back into us, but whilst waiting to order drinks our eyes caught the cakes on display on the counter and I immediately knew that we were onto something special.  The Raspberry & Almond cake looked outstanding. Its butter cream topping was such a draw I found it hard to not stick my face straight into the cake.  The Danish pastry display also caught my eye, so I added one of the mouth-watering pastries to our order.  Mrs NoEggs and I split both cakes evenly, 60/40.

It was a lovely way to spend a morning and in a very relaxing atmosphere.  The main cafe building was well decorated and full of little flourishes. There are also plenty of seats in the conservatory itself, and even on a cold grey day it was still bright and welcoming. However, catching sight of an item on the menu made my day even better, they do a full breakfast! Check on Google maps in a few months time,  I think my smile could be seen from space that day.

The following Sunday morning we both returned to the same seats just after the 9am opening time.  Already starting to fill up with families out for a walk and cyclists calling in to start their days in the best possible way.  The breakfast menu on offer was a simple, but well thought out affair.  Classics such as scrambled eggs on toast with or without smoked salmon, beans on toast and bacon sandwiches are all on there, but we both went for the staple Full English.  Two bacon, two sausages, egg, beans and grilled tomato, two slices of toast and a cup of tea. When substituting my egg I was asked if I would like an alternate item, I chanced my luck and got an extra sausage from it.  I was a very happy man.

The piping hot breakfast was delivered after a short five minute wait by the very friendly staff.  The ingredients were very good quality, the sausages and bacon being the highlights.  The sausages were of a good supermarket standard and cooked perfectly so that they were crispy on the outside and not overcooked in the middle.  The smoked bacon with its strong flavour stood apart from the usual unsmoked fare I was expecting.   Mrs No Eggs mentioned that she thought there were too many beans, but as I mopped up her left overs with my toast, I felt that everything was portioned just fine.  A clean plate is a happy plate.

Living in and around the Horsham area for over 30 years now I have seen many changes to this traditional market town.  Companies have come and gone, buildings have been rebuilt, but the most pleasing development has been the re-landscaping of the towns public park. Horshamites have long been proud of the park, but now they should be proud to have a lovely cafe which complements its surroundings.

Mr NoEggs