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South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding

South Lodge Hotel
Brighton Road
Lower Beeding
RH13 6PS, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1403 891 711

Last Visited: March 2011

A wedding breakfast in definition is a “dinner given to the bride, bridegroom and guests at the wedding reception that follows a wedding in the United Kingdom and some other English-speaking countries”.   It is the first meal of a couple's married life, just as breakfast is the first meal of the day.  So, though tenuous, it seems that we have tapped into a hidden sub-genre for breakfasts and one that we could exploit!   An invitation to attend a wedding at a hotel frequented in the past by luminaries such as Winston Churchill, the G8 summit and Barbara Windsor, gave us an opportunity to try a "breakfast" with a twist.

Set in one of the finest grounds in the South of England, South Lodge is one of the country's most grandiose locations and was a perfect choice by the happy couple for hosting their union.

Fuelled by consumption of a very good table red wine, a couple of cheeky Pimms and the first sunshine of the year, I dove into what on paper was a very familiar dish to all readers of the site.  A starter of quails eggs, pancetta and black pudding gave me the fanciest fry-up I probably ever will try.  The crispy pancetta and divine black pudding was accompanied by a fruity tomato sauce, to make it feel like a real breakfast treat.  This was an amazing start to the meal and would be a popular choice if any breakfast location was to start serving it.  All that was missing was a lovely cup of tea!

The seared fillet of Sussex beef which followed capped my hunger from not eating the quails eggs served with the starter.  I was immediately wishing that this was on offer at every weekend breakfast excursion we go on.  The tender beef melted in my mouth and the sauce it was served in complemented it perfectly.  But I was on my second bottle of vino by then, so my recollections could be somewhat hazy!

The frambois chantilly filled choux-pastry swan's were the perfect way to cap one of the best wedding breakfasts I have ever had the pleasure to partake in.  We had eaten well and it was a good few hours before I was able to strut my stuff on the dance-floor.  This was a meal and a day that I hope gave the happy couple everything they wanted.  So please be upstanding and raise your glasses for one final toast, "The Bride and Groom"!

Congratulations again M & V!

Mr NoEggs