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Gartons Coffee House, Midhurst

Garton's Coffee House [map]
The Old Town Hall
Market Square
GU29 9NJ
Tel: 01730 817166

Opening Times:  Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm, Sundays they are open from 9am to 5pm.  Breakfast is only served till 12pm

Last Visited:  October 2011

A lovely coffee house, in a lovely village, in a lovely county.  Now do they serve lovely breakfasts to go with the lovely location?


It was good to be back in Midhurst. After the success of our last visit to The Coffee Pot, I met up again with friends of the site, Mr and Mrs Wand-IT, and decided to head to a cafe that was packed the last time I ventured over.  We arrived at Garton’s Coffee House just after opening to find that the crowds were staying away until the weather had warmed.  The cafe is in the old Town Hall and has kept many of its original features. The cobbled courtyard in front of the hall has plenty of tables set up that I’m sure will get busy if the sun made an appearance. Don’t worry if it doesn't as there are plenty of seats inside.

Offering not only an extensive breakfast menu but an extensive drinks menu, Garton’s looks to suit all.  Whether they are looking for a drink, mid-morning snack or a full breakfast, everyone has an option.  On offer there are omelette's, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, teacakes, muffins and of course a full fry-up.  I was also very pleased to see on the drinks menu a large number of coffees and even a cafetiere mini-menu, with coffees from all major coffee producing regions offered (I opted for the Colombian over Costa Rica).

My breakfast for the day was beans on toast (£3.50) with bacon and sausage (55p per item).  The grumbling from my belly that had been troubling me on my drive over was thoroughly quelled. All the ingredients were of a good standard and very well presented.  I particularly enjoyed the bacon which had very little rind but still juicy and tasty.  There was probably an entire can full of beans though, so if you prefer less I would recommend saying so!

Mr Wand-It commented that on his Full English (£4.10 for bacon, sausage, 2x toast, mushrooms, beans and either a fried or poached egg) his poached egg was one of the best he’d had, but the mushrooms could have been a little more fried for his liking.  So there is some room for improvement it seems. On the plus side the service that day was very attentive and friendly.  Sometimes I have found that when a cafe is quiet I find that this is the aspect which slips, but this was not the case at Garton’s.

Washed down with a lovely coffee I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast and the venue & atmosphere were definitely factors that contributed to this.  Midhurst is a lovely town and I am very glad that, aside from the new Costa and Tesco’s, the buildings of the area are in keeping with their original design. Garton’s keep this effort up by providing a lovely cafe in a historic building.  Lovely.

Mr NoEggs