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The Coffee Pot, Midhurst

The Coffee Pot [map]
Knockhundred Row,
West Sussex, GU29 9DQ
Tel:  01730 814412

Opening Times:  Breakfast is served Monday- Saturday from 8:30-14:30. They are closed on Sundays

Last Visited:  August 2011

On a visit to the West Sussex/Hampshire border, we stumbled across a town jam packed with cafes.  With so many to choose from we decided to see whether a claim on a colorful high street sandwich-board made by one of the cafes was true.  So would The Coffee Pot be 'Midhursts Finest little Cafe' or one to avoid?  We decided to put this bold statement to the test.


Of all the places we have visited this has to be one of the more unusual locations we have come across.  Found above a traditional sweet shop in a shopping court just yards from the main high street, but for the very good advertising and directions you could quite easily walk past.  On arriving and climbing the staircase to the first floor, we were greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff and offered the pick of where to sit.  With ample seating across two rooms and downstairs in the court yard, there should never be a worry about having too long wait at the café.  Ducking under the Tudor beams we settled down and perused what they had to offer.

The breakfast menu, though small, contains something to accommodate the majority of tastes.  Regular favourites the large (£5.90) and small fry-up (£4.90) (meaty and vegetarian are the same price) made an appearance and also available were various offerings on toast.  The option of smoked salmon on an English muffin with cream cheese, lemon and scrambled eggs (£5.40) was not a combination that I had seen so far on my travels but sounded very nice... apart from the eggs.

Somewhat predictably, I opted for the superbly named large fry-up the 'Coffee Pot Special Battleship Breakfast', with my trademark twist.... no eggs.  When purging the eggs from my order I was kindly offered by the waiter the chance to replace with an extra item.  So to my delight an extra rasher of bacon was heading my way.  When my breakfast arrived I wish that I had asked for another sausage instead  As even though the breakfast was well portioned and presented; from first glance I knew that the sausages were going to be the standout item.

Sourced from local high street butcher, Michael Courtney, these zingy, meaty sausages were bursting with flavour and won my heart from the first bite. Two sausages were not enough and although the bacon, beans, tomato and mushroom were of a good standard, I still should have got another sausage for the way home!  A special mention must be made to the two huge slices of high quality wholegrain bread served with real butter (at room temperature & therefore easy to spread our guest @WandIT noted). It was nice to have something of this quality included in the price.

The only downside to our breakfast was that while the rest of the group were served their loose leaf tea from a matching tea pot and cup & saucer set, my usual latte was served in what seemed to be a large orange juice glass.  Though the coffee was lovely I felt a bit awkward not drinking out of a normal mug; maybe signature cups could be a USP for the cafe?

We'll be going back to Midhurst soon I think.  It is a quintessential English village and the surrounding Hampshire/West Sussex landscape is some of the best England has to offer. Even if the town did not have this to fall back on our experience that morning was good enough to see us file a repeat-visit request.  The Coffee Pot's attention to ingredient quality, value for money, café lay-out and most importantly their customers must be highly commended.  They demonstrate how a small café should be run and I just hope that their location does not hinder what deserves to be a roaring success.

Mr NoEggs

  • Many thanks for your comments. My wife and I own the Coffee Pot, and I stumbled across the breakfast website while looking for some images of Knockhundred. I was sweating when I began reading the review, not knowing what might be said. How lovely that you enjoyed your experience. We do work very hard to try and ensure that people enjoy their visit.
    Many thanks

  • zippy

    Last time I ventured to Midhurst the coffee Pot it was closed; an out of season Sunday I think. On that occassion I asked at a local shop for an alternative and was directed to a local pub where I had a very enjoyable and good value breakfast. (In the interests of fairness and competition, I won’t mention which one it was..) On my way to said pub this time, (with Bob my biking compatriot..) we noticed that the Coffee Pot was open (on a Sunday).. so we ventured in. Clad in motorcyclcle clothing it is a cramped ascent up the staircase and under the low beams.. Of course I opted for the Special Battleship Breakfast, after 23 years in the Royal Navy there was no other option. (Unfortunately the owners husband, who was also an ex matelot, was away that weekend so no chance to have some naval banter..) Breakfast was good… we were even asked how we liked our eggs.. Attention to detail can’t be faulted on the egg front. The breakfast itself wasn’t overly large but neither was it small. It’s not a gut buster. The sausage was great. The beans weren’t Heinz. This can be the difference between a great breakfast and an OK breakfast. Never skimp on the brand of Heinz. Branston would be a suitable alternative but only if the supplier were out of Heinz. The coffee or tea were extra. From my breakfast travels I like my breakfast to be ‘all inclusive’. If I order breakfast, of course I want tea or coffee with it – but not as an extra. So.. yes this was good, we both enjoyed our breakfast but serve Heinz and add an extra 50p onto the menu for an ‘all inclusive’ which will cover tea and coffee. (Yes I know margins are tight..) When all’s said and done, as nice as it was, perhaps it’s just not a bikers venue. However, if I were to go out with my Mum I’d have no hesitation in returning! (She lives in Amarillo TX, next time she’s over.. we’ll be there..!)

    • John

      Oi Wingsybash! Our beans are Heinz, honest injun. We do note your comments about the tea and coffee, we now do include them, but only for ex Royal Marines Special Boats Service personnel. In fact they get whatever they want for free!

  • Kat

    I grew up in Midhurst and used to visit this tea shop/cafe in the 70’s with my Mum and Dad. I have many good memories of the place, so when I recently visited the town with my sister we thought we’d pop in for old times sake. It was lovely (quite a bit more up market than it used to be though). We were made very welcome, the shop is cosy and comfortable and we sat and talked all afternoon without being made to feel we should leave. The food was lovely (we bought more to take home with us). It was so nice to be able to come back to the town and to feel as welcomed and at home as when we were last there (30 years ago). Thank you. Its well worth a visit, if you can make it up the stairs.