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Beach House, Shoreham

Beach House
16-18 East Street
West Sussex
BN43 5ZE
Tel: 01273-440-902

Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday from 10am to 11pm, and on Sunday from 10am to 3pm.  The kitchen is closed on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Last Visited: Breakfast March 2013 and Sunday Lunch April 2013

Mr NoEggs inability to follow his own suggestion for breakfast at nearby Toast by the Coast took us to the Beach House restaurant in the centre of Shoreham.

Beach House, Shoreham- Table candle

Firstly, in my defence I did mean to come to this restaurant for breakfast, the photo taken in the summer of 2012 proves I knew it existed, but my communication with Mr Chipolata was not clear enough it seems.  I take the blame though, but to be fair it was an inspired "mistake"!

We arrived on the strike of 10 and occupied the booth seat behind the bar and next to the counter, allowing six plus one bambino, to sit in comfort with ample space.  Later visits would reveal this to be a sought after spot.  Larger in capacity than Teddy's next door, the interior is spacious and very well decorated in a style you would expect on a beach side property; light walls and relaxing ambiance.  The friendly staff greeted us and gave us plenty of time to decide on our orders.

To break with tradition I moved away from the Full English, (which many of our party would later be gobbling) and opted for a breakfast off the specials board; sardines on focaccia with a double-shot flat white to accompany.  Well, I was by the sea after all!

Though technically a starter at any other time of the day I was impressed with what I received.  Very well cooked and seasoned and accompanied by pan fried new potatoes, a salsa and garnished with rocket; I was a very happy man indeed.  With the "danger" of bones lurking I, for once, took my time and appreciated the flavour and set-up of the dish.  But although very nice, it would be the breakfasts of my fellow table mates that would pique my interest.

The wonderful appearance of the Beach House breakfast dampened my consumption of what was a very fine brekkie.  The lure of the locally sourced butcher quality bacon and sausages left me salivating at their forbidden status and inside my choice of Sardines (though lovely) was breaking my heart.  Luckily Mr Chipolata recognised my reluctance to admit that I should have chosen my usual fare and gave my a sample of his sausage (ooh er) and quelled my meaty urge.  For £5 this was a very good breakfast and a more financially prudent one than the offerings at Teddy's next door.  All ingredients used in the dishes we had were of a high quality especially the Veggie breakfast with its inclusion of artichokes.  The coffee list offering one or two shot drinks, shows they know what they are doing and are willing to cater to peoples ever expanding tastes.

Comparing the breakfast to Teddy's both of which are of a very high quality, so which ever one you head to you will not be disappointed.  The Beach House however was a very pleasant find and on a busy morning I think you will find it easier to get a seat in there than at Teddy's next door.  Saying that, a few weeks after going for breakfast the same party of 6 (plus a little sausage) went back for a Sunday lunch (a very nice burger for me!) and at 12pm got one of the last tables available as all were pre-booked.  So if word gets out you may struggle to find a seat and in my opinion that is a very good sign for an area on the up and up!

Mr NoEggs