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Teddy’s Tearoom, Shoreham

Teddy's Tearoom [map]
12-14 East St
West Sussex
BN43 5ZE
Tel: 01273 441186

Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs: 09:00 -17:00, Saturdays 08:00-18:00 and Sundays 10:00-18:00

Last Visited: May 2011

"If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise.  If you go down to the woods today, you better go in disguise. For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain because today's the day the teddy bears have their fry-up!"

Mr Chipolata:

Shoreham has certainly gone up in my estimations recently, even going as far as looking to buy a house here. The quaint high street and the deliciously indulgent Teddy’s have definitely helped raise it above “shoddy sea side alternative” to “country village by the sea” status in my mind.  Hopefully in the coming months we may be locals!

So, under the thinly veiled guise of a house hunting mission, we stopped for a very large breakfast at Teddy's. The menu being the first of the large things (no this will not devolve into innuendo) kept us entertained for the first 15 minutes. A massive selection of breakfasts, lunches and meals-in-between makes for some mouth watering reading before reaching the latter half of the menu devoted entirely to tea. At least 8 double sided pages are full of Earl greys, fruity flavours and aromatic herbal nonsense. Suffice to say it was all a bit too much and I went for a fry-up and a cappuccino.

Holy carp. This is a big breakfast. It sounded big on the page but the mountain of fried bits ‘n bobs led to soft mutterings of jealousy and louder yelps of sorrow. Fried bread was noticed first, being that there was lots of it; granary slices seemingly deep fried to crunchy heaven and not saddled with the drippy greasy feel of a normal fried bread. Top quality sausages that were soft, moist and flavourful and a nice bit of mushroom made up the good side of the plate.

The other ingredients made the grade but weren't anything to shout about; hash browns, bacon, eggs, and tomato. It was noticeable that the hash browns, fried bread and black pudding were all done in the deep fryer together. The black pudding although tasty enough, could have done with a bit of crisping on each side with a frying pan.

So as unfitting of its Teddy bears picnic window dressing, I would probably recommend the fry-up as another perfect hangover cure for those that prefer a bit more quality to their breakfast although I will probably need another once I’ve recovered from the house hunting.

Mr NoEggs:

Despite arriving ten minutes before the rest of the gang, the extra time could not help me wade through the vast breakfast food and tea menu offered by Teddy's.  It in fact takes up the whole pane of glass on the window of the tea rooms.  After avoiding a last minute change of mind I settled on the eggy bread in syrup with bacon and a pot of the loose-leaf Assam/Ceylon blend, 'Irish Breakfast' tea.

Both the breakfast and tea were of the highest quality.  The sweetness of the maple syrup with the thick locally sourced bacon was a perfect complement and the strong flavour of the tea made this a great flavour combination. For some reason I was expecting a lower quality of ingredients, but was pleasantly surprised with the high quality received.

The eggy bread, a dish I've enjoyed since childhood despite my dislike of eggs (go figure!), portion was more than adequate and despite my valiant efforts I had more than I could cope with.  But due to my good negotiation skills I swapped within the group some of my left overs for a taste of fried bread and bite of the amazing homemade pork and leek sausages that the others were enjoying.  The good quality brown wholewheat bread used for the fried bread was a revelation and shows that even the greasiest of items can be elevated to a high standard.  The sausages (also available to buy to take home with you) were as good as any I've tried in my life.  They tasted like stuffing and were full of fresh flavours, meaty goodness and made me wish that I could devour one with my brekkie.

Teddy's is a lovely experience and will suit if you are looking for a hearty meal to start the day, or a cup of tea and a scone.  With a menu so extensive it would take another 100 visits to get through and friendly, a quaint traditional tea room style interior (with lots of homemade goods to buy) and friendly and attentive staff (in contrast to what other Internet reviews have reported) it's worth having your breakfast by the sea.


TeaMilkOneSugar In Eyes Bigger Than Belly Shocker!!

This morning we headed to Shoreham for our breakfasting pleasure. Less pleasure filled was the 2A bus from Brighton that took the best part of an hour to get there. Hence was starving when walked through the door of Teddy’s, which led to over ambitious ordering.

I opted for the Teddy - 2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, black pudding, hash brown, tomato, fried mushroom, fried bread/toast and tea/coffee - choosing scrambled egg, fried bread and tea for my options. Now, on paper that sounds big. In reality it is stupendous in scale. It also dawned on me that it was two rounds of fried bread!! However it was the best fried slice I think I've eaten, deep fried, so dry and crispy, rather than greasy and moist, but this meant I stupidly chose to eat all of it.

As NoEggs states the sausage was fantastic, good meat content and moist, with the subtle flavour of leek and herbs. Bacon was great too. Mushroom was a single portobello sliced in half, and the tomato was grilled. The amount of fried slice did overwhelmed the plate somewhat resulting in any moisture on the plate being outweighed by the bread (my own fault, I shouldn't have eaten it all!) and tactical use of sauce - brown and red - was necessary. Thankfully it was also a nice big pot of tea. Personally I think one less slice of fried bread/toast and maybe some beans would redress the dry/wet equilibrium.

Next time I think I will ask for less fried bread, or do a half and half swapsie with someone who orders toast. Or maybe go for the Teddini which is half a Teddy and still an ample sized breakfast. All in all a cracking good breakfast, well worth trying if you’re in Shoreham. Possibly even worth the 2A bus ride, but I’ll get the train next time.

Portion Size: ★★★★½
Value For Money: ★★★½☆
Service: ★★★½☆
Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Overall: ★★★★☆