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The Steyning Tea Rooms, Steyning

The Steyning Tea Rooms [map]
32 High St
West Sussex
BN44 3YE
Tel:  01903 810064

Opening Hours: Breakfast is available from 10:00am to 12:00pm daily

Last Visited: March 2011

In order to try and make our website more respectable, the Breakfast Menu team decided to indulge in some of the finer things in life. The delicate floral wallpaper and china tea cups are a slight change from our usual haunts. So, what does the Steyning Tea Rooms have to offer our over-indulgent tendencies?

Steyning is an ideal location to visit for a quaint country breakfast. Just on the cusp of the South Downs, a short car journey from Brighton gets you into a parking space in just under 15 minutes.

With the nearby Farmers Market in full flow, the cafe had a steady stream of customers. So popular in fact that tables had been reserved in advance with the rest taken just half an hour after the doors had opened.

It's not as posh and snotty an affair as you might think from the name. The interior is filled with creative touches; dried branches decorate the windows, mismatching re-claimed furniture fills the rooms and little nick-nacks are scattered throughout. Lots of love and attention has clearly gone into creating a charmingly warm atmosphere and it won us over instantly.

Mr Chipolata:

On first glance the menu is disappointingly pared down; scrambled eggs on toast with bacon or smoked salmon, a bacon sandwich and a few smaller choices are also available. The glutton is certainly not catered for here, but then, I don't think they expect a hearty trucker going by the name of Big Keith to come storming through the door expecting a "Number 3" with extra black pudding for £3.75.

Going slightly out of my comfort zone I order the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. I'm not the keenest fish eater, especially when it comes to breakfast, but every now and again you need something dangerous to keep you on your toes! The food arrives shortly after my cappuccino and both look delicious. The chef certainly knows his stuff, cooked like a medium rare steak the eggs are soft and juicy, taken off the heat at just the right moment, they're an absolute delight! The salmon is just as good as well, accompanying rather than overpowering the eggs. A couple of pieces of buttery toast finish a perfectly sized portion of food and I feel happily full, happy to be proven wrong.

Mr NoEggs:

Though the breakfast menu on offer was limited I was enticed in by the bacon sandwich.  Offered on white or brown bread and a choice of sauces to accompany it, the sandwich that arrived was everything a bacon sandwich should be.  Big thick, juicy rashers of locally sourced bacon made each mouthful a pleasure.  The accompanying loose leaf tea perfectly complemented it and made it a great start to the day.

The only blemish on what was a lovely experience was an encounter with a surly member of the counter staff.  Her grunts and groans when responding to me (and other customers as well) took the shine off my visit. A shame really as the other staff; the young waitress who served us and the chef who smilingly collected our empty plates, were both very pleasant and welcoming.  Please don’t let it put you off though, as a visit to Steyning and the Tea Rooms is well worth it.


Portion Size: ★★★★☆
Value For Money: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★☆☆
Ingredient Quality: ★★★★½
Overall: ★★★★☆