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Coast, Worthing

West Kiosk
Brighton Road
BN11 2ES
Tel: 01903 216 937

Opening Times:  The good people at Coast are open  from 9:30 am until 5:00pm Monday-Friday & Sunday and as a special treat on Friday and Saturday's they are open late until 11:00pm.  Breakfast is available from opening until noon.

Last Visited: April 2013

A laid-back seafront cafe serving breakfasts with a view of the sea, is Worthing becoming the "New Brighton?".  Let's find out. 

Coast is a cafe I have been meaning to go to for breakfast for over a year now.  I have been there for a 'Shake Your Tail Feather' night out, where the air is filled with Northern Soul, the ale is flowing and people are dancing like maniacs... but never for a breakfast.  A visit to see the in-laws gave me the perfect opportunity to sample what was on offer.  As a full disclaimer, the cafe is owned by friends of Mrs No Eggs's sister (Hi Sis!), but I will not be playing favourites.  Breakfast is a serious business and taking in sausages is a very important part of my life!  So here we go!

The cafe is in an area which has had a significant amount of money splashed on it over the last few years, but is fitting together perfectly and transforming a neglected West Sussex seafront.  Sat 'literally' on the sea-front the cafe is a very popular destination for cyclists, walkers, joggers, sightseers and visitors to the local swimming pool (more about that later).  So popular in fact that at 9:25 we found the cafe still asleep, after a five minute walk up the promenade and back, on our return we found only one table left and a queue forming.  Seating only 25 inside and around the same outside space is at a premium, but those with seats will love the relaxed bohemian chic decor inside, with a perfect view of the sea framing the room.

The breakfast menu on offer is very simple and concentrates on quality rather than quantity.  A full breakfast, mushrooms/scrambled eggs on toast, bacon/sausage sandwich and pastries make up everything on offer.  But I did not see anyone, including myself, moaning.

Despite the early morning bustle around us, the view of the sea immediately relaxed me, and the 20 minute wait for my breakfast (it was just after opening and everyone did order at the same time, so no complaints from me) flew by.  My choice for the day was the Full Sussex Breakfast and a cappuccino (powered by illy coffee).  On ordering I asked for the eggs to be purged and I was happily greeted with my favourites words.  "Would you like anything else instead of the eggs? "Surprise me", was my reply.  I was surprised and indeed very happy!

The cafe promotes that they use "locally sourced and organic ingredients" and I found nothing to contradict this when my breakfast arrived as all the ingredients on my plate, looked and tasted top notch. The bacon rashers were thick and juicy, the chestnut mushrooms full of flavour, the tomato a perfect lubrication for the breakfast and the locally sourced Cumberland sausage was also jam-packed with meaty goodness.  The highlight of the meal, though it was all great, was the home-made bubble and squeak.  Served in a tower, it was a lovely personal touch and was better than a deep fried hash-brown.  Add two slices of  chewy brown toast and lovely raspberry jam and I was a happy camper.  The illy coffee was as good as ever and took away the chill from the early morning sea breeze.

Oh the surprise item, I almost forgot.  An extra sausage, my grin was as wide as a Cheshire cat!

Coast was a lovely experience.  Good atmosphere, decoration, service and most importantly, great food.  The cafe has already become a popular location for visitors and locals alike and with the lovely new Splashpoint swimming pool now open next door, I expect the numbers to keep going up and up.  A lot of areas have had a lot of money thrown at them and the majority fail, because there is very little infrastructure or commerce on the same level to support.  But I think Coast has set the bar for the area.  The kids park nearby is a lovely addition with lots of beach themed apparatus in keeping with the beach setting.  Coast is a highly recommended experience and a wonderful way to start the day.  A move back to the coast may happen sooner, rather than later!

Mr NoEggs

p.s. On a recent visit they were unfortunately sold out of the £3 deal for any single shot coffee and a warm croissant with butter and jam. We were kindly offered a toasted tea cake for the same price which was delicious. A highly recommended mini start to the day- Mr Chipolata